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Climate Warriors Send Chilling Message

Exploiting weather to seize global power.

Climate alarmists have long warned that extreme cold weather events are a consequence of climate change and will worsen. Weather records, however, demonstrate this is not true. It is challenging to trust absolutist claims of anthropogenic climatic warming when those making such claims display such ideological dishonesty.

Extreme cold weather events have been declining in frequency, duration, and extent for decades. Science has also unraveled many of the mysteries of global weather patterns – such as El Nino, which is currently expected to spike temperatures as well as amplify the downward sweep of the polar jet stream.

Chilly Climate Alarms

Unfortunately, claims of climate change are too often couched in the warped lens of presumptive, un-scientific bias. Any aberration in the weather or climate is laid at the feet of the Goddess of “Just End Oil” through a reductionist, climate-binary narrative that demands unquestioning fear lest one be branded an Earth-destroying climate denier.

GettyImages-1772593947 wildfire

(Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Water loss is thus attributed to climate change from greenhouse gases, without regard to steadily increasing human irrigation drawdowns from surface waters and underground aquifers at rates faster than these can replenish naturally. Wildfires caused by misguided government management are blamed wholly on climate change from fossil fuels. Flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. – every time a natural event occurs, what was once contractually termed “an Act of God” is now immediately labeled “an Act of Man’s carbon sin.”

El Nino is predicted to be very strong in the coming months, warming many areas. (Climate Crisis!) It is also predicted to amplify swings in the polar jet stream, causing sharp cold snaps. (Climate Crisis!). Cold or hot, El Nino or El Nina, all temperatures and storms precipitate howls of doom and demands for increased power from the Climate Warrior Clan.

Scary Ice Age Scenarios

The World Economic Forum perpetuates the false-flag climatology with scaremongering headlines like “How does climate change affect extreme cold-weather events?” Greenpeace UK incredibly claims:

“…global warming is thought to be behind extreme cold snaps, especially in places that don’t usually experience them. Scientists think it’s possible that warmer Arctic seas could be causing clouds of warmer air in the atmosphere, making the polar vortex more prone to wobbling or waving. That’s why sudden bitterly cold weather is actually further evidence of global warming. And while scientists disagree on how quickly the Gulf Stream could collapse, the only way to avoid the UK plunging into a permanent deep freeze is to stop climate change.”

Carbon Isn’t Causing Extreme Cold

However, science clearly shows that extreme cold weather events have declined. The recent US National Climate Assessment states “Despite some recent damaging cold events, overall cold extremes are becoming less frequent and milder.” The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Climate Extremes Index shows a clear trend toward less extreme cold.  The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concludes that “… it is virtually certain that there has been…a decrease in the number of cold days and nights on the global scale since 1950. Both the coldest extremes and hottest extremes display increasing temperatures.”

So according to the climate scripture of the prophets of climate science themselves, extreme cold snaps have declined in frequency, duration, and severity. It is hard to fault so-called “climate deniers” for dulling their ears to the cacophony of ideologues crying global-warming-wolf, when the cult members ignore their own Priests of Climatology.

Climate Propaganda is Extremely Cold

“Rain, sun, sleet, or snow: It’s all your fault, dontcha know?” Neo-Marxism must deconstruct and shame in order to appropriate more power to fashion a clean energy future in which the globe will be equitably, anthropogenically cooled in a New Weather Utopia. (Never mind the Chinese coal plants manufacturing US solar panels and EV components.)

Exalting the climate scientist magicians of the New Postmodern Age, the world is told by Green New Deal Socialists that “a new field of science has developed to determine how climate change directly impacts extreme weather events: extreme weather attribution.” The old term, in the lexicon of Orwell and Huxley, was “extreme weather propaganda.” All weather is “attributed” to the evil human species, in the climate doom pathology. There is no escape …

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