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Chinese Migrants Cross the Border in Record Numbers

What is pushing this migration, and should Americans be concerned?

by | Apr 21, 2024 | Articles, Opinion, Politics

Chinese migrants illegally crossing into the US is nothing new; however, the record number of immigrants from China is. As millions of undocumented people find their way across the border, including known terrorists, it is alarming that so many people from the Red Dragon are among the numbers. What is pushing this migration, and should Americans be concerned?

Chinese Migrants Surge Across the Border

During fiscal year 2021, there were 342 Chinese migrants detained by CBP, but that number more than tripled the next year to 1,987. For 2023, illegals from China surged dramatically to 24,125, and now, with six months left in fiscal year 2024, we’ve already surpassed that with 24,296 Chinese nationals making their way into the US. This is a 7,000% increase from 2021. To make matters even more concerning, the majority of border crossers are single adults, a fact some fear proves the illegals coming into the country are spies.

Are these concerns justified? Liberty Nation National Security Correspondent Dave Patterson wrote about Chinese nationals who have made their way inside US military bases. “Looking at the breach of bases by Beijing operatives as isolated incidents belies the danger. When the totality of what the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is doing to and within the US is exposed, the extent of the problem is put into perspective,” he wrote. Posing as tourists, these illegals have been able to gain access to sensitive sites within the country. These people have also been buying up US farmland, which has recently inspired protest amongst rural Americans. If that weren’t enough to cause worry, one has only to look at the adversarial relationship between China and the United States.

So, what is causing the sudden influx of Chinese migrants into the country? One theory is that immigrants had to wait during the COVID pandemic when access to the US was restricted, which provided a backlog of people waiting to make the move. Since the number of immigrants from China had grown so dramatically over the past three years during Biden’s presidency, many point to the president’s open border policies as one of the biggest contributors.

There are other factors to consider as well. The Chinese economy is slowing, making it harder for people to earn a living. The strict COVID restrictions made it hard for business owners to keep their companies going, inspiring some to move in search of greener pastures. Others reportedly make the trek seeking freedom of religion. Although the country’s constitution guarantees religious freedom, some Chinese migrants told Reuters that they didn’t feel they could freely practice their beliefs at home since Beijing has tightened restrictions on religion as it is seen as a challenge to the Communist Party’s authority.

How Chinese migrants are getting here is also of importance. Some are flying to Ecuador because that country doesn’t require a visa for Chinese nationals, and then traveling to Mexico. Many are purchasing plane tickets and going straight to Mexico. From there, they connect with smugglers, called “snake heads,” in Tijuana. Social media provides information to immigrants from China who want to get to the US, including where best to cross the border and how to procure transportation and smugglers to help them cross. Will this trend continue? That may depend on whether the Biden administration chooses to crack down on illegal immigration and, later, who wins the 2024 presidential election.

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