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Can Christmas Movies Survive in the Age of Woke?

Some of the classics are now “creepy” with “toxic masculinity” and “misogynistic” themes.

There are a lot of traditions for the holiday season: decorating the tree, caroling, family dinners, and ugly sweater contests, just to name a few. But another favorite, snuggling around the television to watch Christmas movies, may be getting too woke to enjoy. So many classics and favorites on our must watch list are being classified as racist and misogynistic, and there are advocates trying to cancel these much-loved movies.

Christmas Movies Woke Hit List

New York Post put together a list of Christmas movies that are being torn apart on social media, and some of the titles might surprise you. Here’s a rundown of a few films on the woke audience hit list.

GettyImages-1153508212 Arnold Schwarzeneger and Sinbad

Arnold Schwarzeneger and Sinbad (Photo By BRUCE BISPING/Star Tribune via Getty Images)

Jingle All the Way

This hilarious 1990s classic with Arnold Schwarzeneger and Sinbad is about two fathers desperately trying to get a Turbo-Man action figure for their sons at the last minute. Phil Hartman plays the perfect neighbor who also lends a sympathetic ear to Rita Wilson, who plays Schwarzeneger’s wife. Some viewers, however, were disturbed by Hartman’s performance, suggesting his character is hitting on Wilson’s. “I am now realizing as an adult how problematic Jingle All The Way is,” one person posted on social media.

The Santa Clause

First aired in 1994, this popular Christmas comedy did so well at the box office that two sequels followed. Tim Allen stars as a salesman who suddenly becomes Santa Claus. As he starts morphing into the jolly man, he gains weight. This is a problem for viewers. On X, one person posted: “Well s—t, I forgot about all the super fatphobic s—it in The Santa Clause Disney movie. Dammit.” Another person, responding to that tweet, wrote, “Oh, gosh. I haven’t seen it since I was a kid. I was looking forward to rewatching, but I don’t think I could deal with that right now.”

The Holiday

This rom-con stars Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Jack Black. In the film, Diaz and Winslet swap homes for the holiday and end up meeting their romantic leads. For armchair critics, the problem lies with the male characters, especially Black. “Jack Black’s ‘charming’ character behaves like a dangerous sociopath throughout,” one person tweeted. “It’s a film about toxic masculinity that doesn’t know it’s a film about toxic masculinity.”

Love Actually

This British Christmas favorite stars Andrew Lincoln and Keira Knightley. Lincoln’s character is secretly in love with Knightley’s and ends up filming her wedding to another man. His affections toward her become obvious when Juliet sees the video and how he obsessively focused on her. “This part of love actually is treason … its not cute, it’s not endearing…he’s a creepy prick who’s in love with his best friend’s wife…no for me,” one irritated viewer posted. Another wrote, “Why does nobody ever talk about the stalker video that Mark makes at the wedding. That s—t ain’t romantic or cute it’s creepy as hell and if that was done now he’d be outed all over the internet like the weirdo stalker that he is.”

It’s a Wonderful Life

Oh, say it isn’t so! But yes, this Christmas classic made the woke hit list as well. The movie centers around Jimmy Stewart’s character, George Bailey, a depressed loan banker who contemplates suicide but is shown how his life is worth living. Several people decided to shred aspects of this Frank Capra favorite. “George Bailey was an emotionally abusive and a manipulative misogynist,” a viewer claimed. “The scene in It’s a Wonderful Life is an example of both the man imposing himself, and the woman deciding to give in to him, rather than resist further,” another posted. And then the diversity police chimed in with, “I see @NBC is playing ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ right now. It’s in B&W. Is that why I see no people of color?”

Children’s Classics Getting the Woke Treatment

GettyImages-51816132 Frosty

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

It’s hardly news that children’s movies are being rewritten, redefined, or set with warning labels for possible offensive themes or characters. Beloved Disney films such as Snow White and Sleeping Beauty have been called out for being offensive. The same is true for classic children’s Christmas shows.

Frosty the Snowman

What’s wrong with this movie, you might ask? For one, it’s a snowman instead of a snowwoman. The biggest problem, according to the offended, is that it’s not gender inclusive. Frosty is also not climate friendly. He smokes, after all, plus his eyes are made of coal.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Poor Rudolph was bullied and mistreated by the other reindeer who wouldn’t let him join in their games. Even his father, Donner, was ashamed of his bright red nose and tried to cover it up. Some critics claim Santa helped to marginalize the youngster, too. All in all, this Christmas favorite is considered “problematic” for today’s children.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever

While this is not a classic, and it is not being criticized by the woke mob, the movie is gaining a lot of attention because of unhappy parents who claim the movie “ruins Santa.” Greg, the young lead, wants a gaming console for Christmas and discovers that his parents had bought one for him and were hiding it. However, they imply that the present will be delivered to Greg by Santa if he is “good.”

If you’re tired of all the woke Christmas movie critiques, Fox News Host Sean Hannity has been waging a war against this very thing, which he calls a holiday “under siege.” This year, he put out Jingle Smells, a so-called anti-woke Christmas movie that was produced by Hannity and is streaming on Rumble with Russell Brand and Matt Gaetz.

A toy company decides to drop an action figure of the character Mason Stone (presumably modeled after the Rock, Dwayne Johnson) because Hollywood dumped him after he said, “May God bless America, and may he protect our troops.”  The main character, a garbage man, is told to destroy all these toys. Instead, Jingle Smells becomes a “Robin Hood of the holidays” and passes them out to kids.

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