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Campus Follies: Cultural Appropriation

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Columns

A trip to any town will include immersion into various cultures, as the U.S. is home to a diverse array of citizens.  A Chinese restaurant, an Italian pizzeria, an African salon, and others exemplify the acceptance practiced among Americans to work together to progress the nation. For those on the far-left, however, such teamwork among various cultures is rejected, instead vouching for politically correct isolation.

At the California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo, a club entitled Cal Poly Student Collective is accusing two colleagues of cultural appropriation following a Snapchat post, as reported by Campus Reform. As seen in the photo below, one of the white-skinned females committed the unforgivable crime of having braided hair.

The picture was posted to Snapchat with the caption that she is the “prettiest lil gangsta in all the land.” While Liberty Nation will not get into the seemingly heated debate of exactly who is the “prettiest lil gangsta in all the land,” we do question the logic of the Student Collective.

LN’s Graham Noble explained the definition of cultural appropriation as taking something from another ethnicity and incorporating it into our lives or behavior.

The club states that the actions by the girl are part of “the mobilization of fascism that puts vulnerable communities at risk.” However, there is insufficient evidence to conclude that the woman was wearing braids as an insult. They also lack proof regarding her race. Regardless of skin color, individuals may come from a variety of backgrounds, as white is not synonymous with European descent.

Furthermore, does the club have nothing to say regarding the misuse of the term “gangsta” by some minorities? Are Italian or Irish citizens offended that the history of the mafia, including hundreds of lives lost at the hands of the gangs, is being used to denote particular hair and clothing styles?

The group also failed to take into consideration the fact that minorities often consider the term “gangsta” to have negative connotations. Many oppose members of their community for using the word, believing that it is demeaning and disrespectful.

Melting Pot USA

For what reason would the club presume that her intentions were malicious? Could she not simply appreciate the style? Sharing practices permit ethnicities to be valued by the masses, as many may treasure or adopt the methods into their daily lives, as noted by LN’s Jeff Charles.

Exposure to diverse viewpoints and ideas enables societal progress through an intellectual challenge. It seems leftist groups, such as the Student Collective, display hypocrisy by endeavoring to suppress incorporation of minority culture into society. Such education would decrease instances of prejudice and racism, according to the University of Kansas.

In the beauty of the American melting pot, all can share their unique cultural practices and incorporate those of others. By learning about fellow citizens, a more peaceful atmosphere will result. Yet those on the far-left continue to attempt to isolate and victimize minorities purely for their own political and ideological gain.

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