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BREAKING: Nikki Haley Suspends 2024 Campaign

The 2024 Republican field is down to one active candidate - Donald Trump.

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley suspended her Republican presidential campaign on March 6, one day after 15 states held their GOP primaries or caucuses. Announcing her decision in Charleston, SC, Haley said, “I said I wanted Americans to have their voices heard. I have done that ”

Haley’s departure from the race leaves former President Donald Trump as the sole remaining actively campaigning Republican candidate. Halfway through the primary season, Trump is close to 1000 of the 1,215 delegates he needs to secure his party’s nomination. Haley has been awarded less than 100. Twenty-four states and the District of Columbia have made their choice for the 2024 Republican candidate as of March 6, and Haley no longer had any realistic chance of claiming the nomination.

Trump’s former UN ambassador did notch two primary wins – a historic feat for a female Republican presidential candidate. She edged Trump out in Vermont on March 5 after handily winning the Washington, DC primary just days earlier. However, the margin of victory for Trump in every other contest – including Haley’s home state of South Carolina – has been decisive. Haley has so far declined to endorse the 45th president in his bid to return to the White House. She told her audience that it was now up to Trump to earn the trust of voters.




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