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Biden Debate Boondoggle: Heartlanders Crow as Supporters Scatter

Will there still be a Biden-Harris ticket come November?

by | Jun 30, 2024 | Articles, Columns, Opinion, Politics

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Heartlanders have talked about nothing but the presidential debate that so rudely woke the sleeping liberal left into retooling panic. After calling flyover folks conspiracy theorists, MAGA extremists, and just plain mean for making fun of a stutterer, even many Democrats are worrying that Joe Biden is mentally and physically unfit to govern. Ah, validation is so much sweeter than the dish served cold.

The Biden campaign cannot blame anyone for what they did in exposing their candidate – not CNN, not the common cold, and not even the orange guy. Frankly, Donald Trump did not need to show up to win, and he might have done better staying at home. CNN conducted a flash poll of viewers and found that 67% said former President Trump won the debate, leaving 33% to Biden.

Before the debate, you couldn’t find an establishment media talking head who thought Joe might falter. Joe Scarborough on MSNBC, for example, crowed: “Best. Biden. Ever.”

But Scarborough whistled a different tune after debate: “What all of us saw last night. The inability to complete sentences. The inability to make easy layups. One after another after another after another. It was the worst debate performance in modern political history.”

Mike McGee, checking into Liberty Nation News from Utah, went further: “Post-debate, the talking heads of the left couldn’t find a single reason to continue supporting Biden. They were busy paving the way for a replacement candidate to jump in and save the day. If that happens, and it may not, then I suspect they will seduce RFK.”

Joe Biden, on the other hand, thought he “did very well.” Bless his heart.

Debate Camp Did Not Help

What heartlanders noticed from the get-go was a man who shuffled to his prize place on the podium and the two-handed firm grip on each side. From the Four Corners, Carissa King couldn’t believe her eyes: “I feel like my heart almost stopped when Biden actually showed up.”

They also picked up on obvious rehearsed and memorized sound bites that the president stuck in places they didn’t quite fit – much like this answer: “[We’re] making sure that we’re able to make every single solitary person eligible for what I’ve been able to do with …” Cue the gaping mouth and blank stare freeze before going somewhere unknown with: “The covid – excuse me, with – dealing with everything we have to do with – look – if – we finally beat Medicare.”

Michele Harrison in Mobridge, SD, said: “Best comment I saw on Facebook ‘It seems like I’m watching a Saturday Night Live skit.’” Probably the Celebrity Jeopardy skit would be my guess. Champ Van Curen in Attica, IN, said: “I was on my couch watching, and me and the dogs were laughing out loud.”

Cheryl Little “went there,” concluding: “Very sad day for America. I’m also angry. It’s rather apparent that Biden hasn’t been in charge, so who has been?” In the Valley of the Sun, James Tunnell agreed: “These are my thoughts exactly, and the implications of what has been happening for the last three years are horrifying. When Trump dropped the ‘Manchurian Candidate’ reference, I cringed. But what else do you call it? No glee in this [Trump’s] undisputed victory.”

Biden Boondoggle Backfires

Joe Biden should have sailed through the debate after intense preparation, rest from the campaign trail, and a set of conditions and rules that most Middle Americans thought were geared to make the president look strong and capable. Instead, Biden appeared frail and demonstrated a lack of acuity. Even the strongest Trump supporters didn’t expect the performance. Lori Hitchcock Sanders chimed in from Texas: “I can’t believe he ducked out of work for a week for this! Everything was in Biden’s favor, yet he was unprepared to speak to the ugly truths his policies created.”

Anne Voita Grimes commented in real time from Tucson. “Trump summed up the terrible problems that Biden has created; hopefully, more people will realize the recent degradation of our nation,” she said. “The lying media has duped so many Americans. The ads on the media outlet I watched all said, ‘Reject Trump.’ That’s all they have.”

Heartlanders in Chicago and Indiana noticed the president seeking a life jacket or phantom props throughout. At times, he stared blankly off-stage for minutes in search of a cue card. Other normal presidential helpers, including ear buds and note cards, were also not allowed. In northern Illinois, Suzanne Hanson Rose asked: “Did everyone just see Biden touch his right ear?” Lyn Martin replied, “More than once.”


(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Steve and Brenda MacIntosh also tuned in and entered a lively discussion after the proverbial presidential face plant. Brenda, a retired elementary school teacher, couldn’t understand Biden-speak and admitted, “I nodded off.” Lucy Cowgill had the same idea as Brenda: “I just shut it off. I had the feeling I was watching Weekend at Bernie’s. Biden is a wreck of a human. Mumbling through everything and intelligible on nothing.”

Steve, however, posited the question: “Was this a coordinated power play to remove Biden from the ticket? They did everything wrong rather than show Biden’s strengths. It was late – not good – no energy – no audience – Just wondering what we all witnessed here?”

A Coordinated Coup? That’s Low

Lyn Martin wondered the same thing: “There was talk of this debate being a setup, and Trump shouldn’t have bothered. Well, after watching the left-leaning reporters and how they are talking about their leader after this debate…it appears it was a setup. Just not for Trump. Wonder who they think they can put in Biden’s position and if he will go willingly anytime soon?”

Could this have all been a political power play to get rid of Joe? It’s hard to dismiss that every major daily, network, and cable news outlet was blatantly talking about Biden stepping down. Obama-era campaign alumnus Ravi Gupta posted on X: “Just say it publicly and begin the hard work of creating space in the convention for a selection process. I’ll vote for a corpse over Trump, but this is a suicide mission,” Gupta continued. Well, that was dark, Ravi.

Even celebrities and late-night folks had a field day. Jon Stewart referred to Biden’s mouth breather, no blinking stare as “Resting 25th Amendment Face.” Bill Maher, who wavers between moderate and leftist, had fun, too. “It’s okay if you missed it; so did one of the contestants,” he quipped.

Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) took the hint and called on President Biden’s cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment. All it took was 90 minutes.

“I sat there and watched it, and I could not believe it. I said, not only is this a political hydrogen bomb for him and the Democratic Party, it, you know — what happened? What happened?” Bob Woodward – yes, that Bob Woodward—might think it’s time to deselect the president.

The Lone Star State’s Greg DeFore wasn’t ready to chalk it up to a political coup quite yet: “Setting him up would imply they put him in an unusual circumstance, which was not a part of HIS JOB.” DeFore continued: “What they are really mad about is the debate showed everyone (including the TDS sufferers) that their guy is as bad off as the other side has been saying.”

Heartlanders Have Heart

For some, watching the president in his current state was uncomfortable and unnerving amid a Trump victory. He needed help off the stage, and Jill was on hand to steer him down the stairs to shake hands with the moderators. Sally Blair in rural Texas was somewhat shocked at his presentation and appearance: “Abuse at its finest. Biden is not fit, and shame on his family.” She wasn’t the only one with a soft spot for the befuddled old man.

“I certainly have my thoughts and opinions, but…” began Kim Conway Edwards in Scottsdale. “Regardless of which political party any of us are in, I am saddened to see that those close to, that care for and love President Biden do not intervene on his behalf. I shake my head to think that he clearly struggles, and he’s left by himself on a huge stage in America, alone.”


Amanda Garcia in Farmington, NM, noted during a rambling childcare answer: “I am so glad Biden is going to fix lead pipes! I can sleep better knowing that.”

“First 15 minutes. Biden has lied in every response he’s given,” stated Dave Metcalf. “Trump is mostly sticking to issues and not going into full bully mode. His answer on Roe v Wade and abortion pills was perfectly balanced, IMO.”

And Brian Huslig in Albuquerque wrapped it up this week, saying: “I am amazed at how quickly his party is throwing him to the curb.”

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