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A Desperately Needed Father’s Day

by | Jun 17, 2018 | Culture Rot

If you could make a single social change in America today to improve the lives of everyone, what would it be? Hint: it’s not tax cuts, better roads, better schools, economic growth, creating more jobs or a wonderful healthcare system. The single most effective thing you could do was to ensure that every child grew up in a nuclear two-parent family, including the biological father.

The effects of having a father around are well-documented. They include improved vocabulary in children, greater self-confidence, higher grades and fewer psychological issues. An involved father dramatically reduces sexual promiscuity and early pregnancy in girls and aggression and delinquency in boys. Having a father is among the most important factors in predicting life success.

A Two-Million-Year Heritage

Why are fathers so important? They are a crucial component in making us human. Literally. Our closest ancestor, the chimpanzee, is a promiscuous species that doesn’t have a large role for fathers. They have sperm donors. All chimps are raised by single mothers.

Fatherhood and the monogamous nuclear family is one of the traits that separate us humans from chimpanzees. It evolved two million years ago, on the savannah. We know that because the fossil record shows that men became much more like women at the time and far less muscular. This implies that competition between males which typifies the chimp was greatly reduced at the time. The only plausible reason? Monogamy.

Since then, fathers have played an essential role in child development and mental health, and it still does.

The War on the Nuclear Family

In the 1960s, our two-million-year biological heritage came under brutal attack from feminism and progressives who claimed that monogamy is a social construct, invented by men to oppress women. Consequently, we ventured into a progressive society-wide experiment with children as the lab rats. Since that time, single motherhood has exploded, and the children are the great losers in this human-made father drought.

Enter Jordan Peterson

Over the years, many people have tried to warn about the increasingly worrisome state of fatherhood and men in society, to no avail. However, in late 2016 a Canadian professor of clinical psychology Dr. Jordan Peterson entered the media spotlight by standing up against a law that enforced certain speech patterns.

He was immediately demonized by the usual suspects and called every leftist slur in the Antifa thesaurus, but something strange happened: every time he was attacked he grew stronger and more popular. People flocked to his YouTube channel and watched his free university lectures on psychology. Today he has more than a million subscribers and is a best-selling author and world-renowned intellectual.

The media has given special focus to the fact that the majority of his followers are young men. Feminists are trying to spin the narrative that he is an evil misogynist, but they fail miserably and are instead for the first time drawing attention to the precarious state of manhood and fatherhood in society. While this has never been Peterson’s agenda, it has been the most reverberating effect of his time in the spotlight.

An Unlikely Father Figure

Tens of thousands of people, most of whom are young men, have sent messages to Peterson telling him that he has changed their lives with his message to “clean up their room,” take responsibility and put their lives in order.

Some public critics have derided him for telling mundane banalities. In an infamous Channel 4 interview with Cathy Newman, Peterson provided a chilling explanation for this:

“I don’t think young men hear words of encouragement, some of them never in their entire lives, and the fact that the words I am speaking has had such a dramatic impact is an indication that young men are starving for this sort of message. But why in the world would they have to derive it from a lecture on YouTube? They’re not being taught that it’s important to develop yourself.”

In a world where more and more young men are growing up without a father, they turn to Jordan Peterson for inspiration and advice.

Sad But Necessary

In one sense, it is truly heartbreaking that young men need to find a father figure online. It illustrates the sorry state of our society. However, if that is what it takes to bring attention to the failed experiment of the sexual revolution, then so be it. He is changing minds, inspiring young men and paving way for other intellectual contributors such as Larry Elder. Hence, we can see the inklings of a healthy society being rebuilt – one father at a time.

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