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Yale Alumni Fight Back for Justice Kavanaugh

by | Jul 23, 2018 | Columns, Narrated News

Despite attempts from those on the far-left to condemn the appointment to the Supreme Court of  Brett Kavanaugh, recent reports from the White House seem to have settled the debate. The release of numerous comments of praise from previous students regarding their personal experiences with the judge displays his work to encourage objective, intellectual thought.

Ending the Echo Chamber

Brett Kavanaugh

During Kavanaugh’s time as a Harvard Law School professor, many evaluations were compiled on his performance, most of which asserted that the instructor was significantly better than any other at the university. As reported by the White House, one pupil wrote that the judge’s guest presentations were very “evenhanded” in the midst of ordinarily partisan classes.

Others stated that one course’s attendance consisted of mostly conservatives, during which he objectively shared alternative views to foster political diversity. One review added that lecturers at the college “could learn from his acceptance of outlooks across the political spectrum.” In fact, an evaluation noted that it was refreshing to have a professor at the campus “who has some work experience and who is not liberal.”

Heated Opposition

Over 900 Yale colleagues seem to disagree, however, in a letter condemning the law school for supporting Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Court. The document began, “We write today as Yale Law students, alumni, and educators ashamed of our alma mater,” as reported by Liberty Nation.

They denounced Kavanaugh as immoral and threatening to American lives. Further claims insisted that he would use his post to attempt to repeal Roe v. Wade, a move that would supposedly lead to the deaths of citizens as they claimed women seeking abortions would be forced to use unsafe and life-threatening procedures. Facts display, however, that there is currently insufficient evidence to form their conclusions.

LN accounts that Kavanaugh has expressed on numerous occasions that his job is not to create legislation, but to instead follow the law “faithfully and fully.” Furthermore, LN’s Graham Noble explains that it is highly unlikely for Roe v. Wade ever conclusively to be overturned. Supreme Court Justices cannot decide to reverse any piece of legislation at will but instead require a specific case to spur the action.

Soon after the publication of the open letter, nearly 300 Yale colleagues fired back in a document praising the judge, stating, “We write as students, alumni, and faculty proud of our alma mater.” The signatories declared that he is a bipartisan judge with one of the sharpest minds in the nation.

With 12 years of experience on the United States Court of Appeals, they assert that Kavanaugh is qualified for the highest public service and that he has devoted his career to upholding the Constitution. They further comment on his personal life, noting that he is an ideal citizen, devoted to charity and integrity.

In Kavanaugh’s history, he has employed law clerks of all backgrounds and viewpoints. Furthermore, liberal Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan previously hired him to become an instructor at Harvard when she served as Dean of the college. However, with their letter comprising only about one-third of the signatures as the document criticizing the judge, one may ponder the outlook for the future of the country.

It seems most YaleLaw School colleagues aim for a highly polarized society, despite claims from the far-left of being champions of diversity. The echo chamber they promote is wholly un-American, as it stifles the growth of creative thought and intellectual discussion vital to the progress of our country. Kavanaugh’s bipartisan experience is one all citizens may appreciate.

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