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Would Biden Scrap the Big Beautiful Wall?

The man who hopes to be president won’t spare a thought for Americans adversely affected by illegal immigration.

President Trump’s wildly successful efforts in protecting the nation with increased border security are now a target.  Mr. Biden is threatening to scrap plans on the US/Mexico border wall. Following up on last summer’s declaration, he would not construct “another foot” of barrier fencing to keep illegal immigrants from flooding into border cities.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden

Biden is a fool if he believes there will not be a backlash. But, then again, while living in his Delaware mansion, in a bubble of only positive press for the left, he may indeed be a true believer in his overblown popularity.

“Building a wall will do little to deter criminals and cartels seeking to exploit our borders.” A bill of goods sold by the Biden team along with his promises to open the doors and coffers to “irregular migration.” That is leftist code for illegal aliens. Put on a pretty frock with a smear of lipstick, but the former vice-president’s plan is still, well, ugly.

No matter the color of their skin, illegal aliens pose a threat to citizens of a nation. Applying for refugee status or legal immigration isn’t a complicated process. So why do so many come across illegally? Hmm. Because, in many cases, they are up to no good, perhaps? Drug and sex trafficking aside, children are often used as a way inside the United States – and then abandoned.

Countless studies show why, economically, border barriers are favorable for the United States of America. But no one on the left seems to be paying attention.

Americans Want The Wall

Our country is already home to millions of migrants whose presence is simply illegal. The cost to citizens of this country is astounding. As Liberty Nation reported last year, according to the Migration Policy Institute, in California alone:

“…3,019,000 adult illegal immigrants live in the Golden State along with 1.1 million children (975,000 of whom would be considered anchor babies).  In total, California is home to 4.12 million illegal immigrants and their children. But how much does this really cost the state? These “undocumented citizens” – as the left has cleverly taken to calling them – consume around 17.7% of the state’s budget – that’s about $30.29 billion per year, or $7,352 each. But that’s only the known costs and doesn’t include a lot of other intangible expenses.”

But a heavier burden is thrust upon the most rural areas of New Mexico and Arizona. Small communities were egregiously overwhelmed by look-the-other-way leftist politicians and a woefully understaffed federal Border Patrol.

After President Trump was shut-down by Congress on additional funding for the border wall, Brian Kolfage, a Navy veteran and triple amputee, began fundraising from private citizens to build barriers on private property along the southern border. A few short months, Kolfage had well over $23 million for the project; not from special interests, but from regular Joes and Jills.

One such private property owner, Jeff Allen, co-owner of the American Eagle Brick Company, fought against the small-town mayor of Sunland Park, NM, over rights to erect a barrier on his property. When the dust settled, and the celebrating began, Allen spoke for Trump and the need to protect the southern border states: “Why wouldn’t we allow it? We have dealt with illegals coming across. We have been attacked by illegals coming across. We have been burglarized by illegals. We have drug traffickers coming through here, and anyone who is against this is against America.”

Mr. Biden would be smart to speak to those on the front lines of illegal immigration rather than declare punitive edicts from his basement bunker in Delaware, just to thwart a successful nemesis.


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