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Why the Mainstream Media Is Failing

Will people be able to escape the media bubble?

Public trust in the mainstream media is at rock bottom. Yet the press continues presenting easily debunked fake news narratives that will hasten its demise. Why? A likely explanation is that they believe President Donald Trump is on a path to re-election, and they’ll do anything to prevent this – even destroy any remnant of public trust by turning to overt activism.

McEnany Hoax

A recent and clear-cut example of pure political activism is the attempted character assassination of White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

In a press conference, she said that President Trump wants schools to reopen and that scientists agree this is both safe and in the best interest of the children. The way that most media outlets reported this, however, was a single quote: “The science should not stand in the way of” schools fully reopening.

She was ridiculed online as a science denier who puts reopening of schools ahead of the evidence. In reality, she said precisely the opposite: “The science is on our side.” By carefully and deliberately quoting McEnany out of context, the media were able to reverse her meaning, thereby echoing the “fine people” hoax.

Later, the claims of science denial were retracted – but quietly and only after the fake news had served its purpose in undermining the credibility of McEnany among the viewers who are isolated inside the mainstream media bubble.

This desperate attack on McEnany may have happened because she has proven to be highly effective at exposing political activism thinly disguised as journalism.

She responds to biased “gotcha” questions with a tirade of examples of media lies and biases, thereby rendering the clip unusable for propaganda purposes. The mainstream media is relegated to quoting her out of context.

Portland Insurrection

A more sinister example of outright media activism is the reporting on the ongoing revolt by communists in many Democratic cities, especially in Portland. These violent attacks by well-organized Marxists are either not mentioned at all in mainstream outlets or are referred to as “peaceful protests.”

Therefore, most Americans are unaware that Portland has been under siege for nearly two months. The “peaceful protesters” have been attempting to burn the federal courthouse down. When federal police came out to defend themselves against the onslaught, the mainstream media reported it as “fascist,” “dictatorship,” and “peaceful protesters” being “snatched” by “unmarked” federal police officers “without probable cause.”


The truth will come out, and when it does, the media that have actively sided with an ongoing insurrection will lose even more credibility. It makes no sense from a business point of view, so why do it?

If Joe Biden wins the election in 2020, they have a shot at re-establishing a narrative of normalcy and four years to recover their wounded legitimacy. Thus the most logical explanation is that they are so afraid of a Trump victory they are willing to bet the farm on Biden.

Therefore, the fake news is currently fabricated for a small but significant group of voters: those trapped inside the media bubble. Will the Fourth Estate succeed in keeping them trapped? The election will provide the answer.


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