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Who Really Wins in the Great Immigration Debate?

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Immigration

As the deadline for DACA looms, rumors swirling around The Swamp indicate a détente of sorts as officials are whispering about a possible compromise on immigration with a promise to maintain current migrant entry levels—or 1.1 million–for the next 13 years.

This latest effort to end the gridlock initiated by the Democrats is buttressed by seven Senate Republicans, in a charge led by Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), that closely mirrors President Trump’s previous reform plan including an end to chain migration and the visa lottery.  The proposed Bill is called the Secure and Succeed Act and would create a path for 1.8 million “dreamers” and clear the backlog of 4 million “sponsored” relatives waiting for their green card.

Although it doesn’t sound much like a compromise for Trump troops, the plan does have key advantages:

“The combined effort, officials said, would effectively make up for the cuts in other immigration categories for about 13 years. After that, if Congress takes no additional action to add or expand visa categories, the total number of people allowed to resettle in the U.S. each year likely would decline by hundreds of thousands.”

Not to say that reducing immigration to our overly taxed and burdened system isn’t wise; heck, some of us might ask “who needs to import any more people on non-work related visas?” at all.  What’s in it for America?  That is the question that Democrats refuse to answer. To them, it is simply a political bargaining chip for the Party.  But liberals only see with eyes wide shut.

An Idea Coming to Light

Capping immigration and buffering resources to the tune of $25 billion is necessary to protect our borders and is a decent start.  And It might be ideal to defer any major migration for a few years to allow our country to catch her breath and balance the checkbook.  Who knows, maybe our lawmakers could concentrate on Americans; our hungry, our poor, our veterans.

And before the Chicken Little wings start to flap, rest assured, the sky is not falling and many Hispanic leaders are on board with conservatives.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of Homeland Security, hosted a meeting to float the White House compromise to Hispanic lawmakers and activists, and it appears most view this step as a promising end to the DACA debacle.

Alfonso Aguilar, president of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, attended the meeting. He says the White House is making a “serious effort” to find common ground on immigration:

“Democrats are fabricating reasons not to address the framework or to talk to Republicans,” Aguilar said. “Both sides are going to have to accept things they don’t like.”

Daniel Garza, of Libre Initiative, said he was reassured by the meeting and felt the White House was open to negotiating:

“We don’t want to see arbitrary cuts to legal immigration,” Garza said.

Which is exactly what the White House is aiming for.  But the left isn’t registering the concept of compromise.  Anyone surprised?

Oh, The Drama

The art of negotiating a deal is in full swing with the Trump administration but it appears Democrats won’t be satisfied with any concession whatsoever.  Instead, they posture with eight-hour floor speeches that no one listens to, and put illegal immigrants in the limelight.

The Democrats are comfortably arming themselves with human capital in a live stakes game they will attempt to win at any cost.  Unfortunately, that cost is born by legal U.S. citizens, and that bank is about to go belly up.  Capping entry and removing flawed policies of chain migration and visa lottery, and adding in extreme vetting may take the sting out of the burn, but a comprehensive moratorium on immigration today may possibly prevent a requiem for America tomorrow.

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