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Vaccine Discrimination: Has the NFL Gone Too Far?

Corporate authoritarianism gets its close-up.

by | Jun 20, 2021 | Articles, Healthcare, Opinion

Vaccine discrimination creep has officially begun – and it may be looking increasingly like a jackbooted march. To wit: this week, the National Football League (NFL) – the wealthiest sports league in the world – released its Protocol Modifications for Vaccinated Individuals. Unsettling Orwellian 1984-speak aside, the graph splits the page in two down the middle and lists what freedoms are available to vaccinated professional football players, versus those liberties denied players who refuse the COVID vaccine.

The two-tiered system of first-class and second-class citizenry possibly coming soon to a mall, movie theatre, concert hall, supermarket, restaurant, or library near you explicitly codifies the alarming limits on personal liberties imposed on those who exercise their inalienable rights to medical freedom. It states that those who choose not to vaccinate against COVID must be tested every day, must socially distance from their teammates during downtime and while eating, may not use the sauna, must obey travel restrictions, and may not eat at a restaurant – no matter that restaurant’s policies.

The graph also makes clear that those who “work hard to adhere,” as head coach Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers frames it, are free to ignore all of the above prohibitions. Of course, complete, unquestioning adherence to COVID orthodoxy has been an expectation of everyone on planet earth over the last 18 months – and the browbeating that has occasioned this sea change in universal compliance is now routine. This graphic would have seemed part and parcel of some fictitious dystopia two years ago. And these are limits are imposed upon the wealthiest, most privileged athletes in the world. What hope do the rest of us have of resisting this rogue wave of judgment and subjugation?

Some Inconvenient Truths

Like almost everything else that has been breathlessly imparted to us by the media throughout the pandemic, this document is astonishingly – almost hilariously – science-free and fact-bereft. Here are some established facts that would no doubt come as a shock and a surprise to the NFL officials who issued these spectacularly dumb diktats:

Until Inauguration Day, when the WHO adjusted the cycle threshold from 40 cycles back down to 25 where they should have been all along, PCR tests used around the world to detect the presence of SARS CoV2 resulted in millions and millions of false positives worldwide. COVID testing was essentially useless.

Masking has been exposed as a mass pantomime that did next to nothing to slow the spread of COVID. This was proven by innumerable peer-reviewed studies (including the large scale, randomized controlled Danish study,) something admitted by Anthony Fauci in his FOIA-ed emails. But the NFL insists its non-vaccinated players wear them, even after the last state finally lifted its mask mandate.

Social Distancing has been largely pointless. Eminent virologist Mike Yeadon, who was a Vice President at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, points out what every mother since time immemorial has known instinctually: asymptomatic people pose close to zero threat to the uninfected. In order to transmit a virus, you need to have a viral load in your airwave considerable enough to infect others. If you have no symptoms, you cannot pose a substantial risk – period. That is science. Still, the NFL wants to stop healthy, asymptomatic players in peak physical condition from mixing with their vaccinated peers.

The FDA has not approved COVID vaccines. They have undergone no long-term safety trials like literally every other drug on the market. They have not been proven to prevent transmission of the virus. Nor do they stop infection – something the CDC knows well as it chose to stop counting breakthrough infections (cases of infection with COVID after vaccination that do not result in hospitalization or death) at 10,000. The vaccines are strongly associated with incidences of blood clots and deaths (over 4,000 reported), and the CDC is meeting this week to discuss the alarming incidence of heart inflammation in young men after receiving the COVID vaccine.

Not being allowed to use the sauna is simply punitive, mean-girl revenge imposed on those who choose medical freedom. If they are so senselessly worried about the non-vaccinated, they could allow the vaccinated access to the sauna first, then let the non-vaccinated use it afterward and then – wait for it – hire someone with the many billions in revenue they clear annually to clean the 120-degree heat room where the virus is unlikely to survive in the first place.

Restaurants have opened up across America – but the NFL wants to be the one organization that prevents its employees from accessing them.

Isn’t There a Law Against This?

Institutions that would adopt the types of restrictions the NFL has formulated are engaging in a kind of creeping fascism that violates the Nuremberg Code. Established after World War 1, based on Nazi medical atrocities, and agreed to by every nation on earth, the Nuremberg Code explicitly prevents coercion of a patient – including threats to their livelihood – in order to compel them to comply with any and all medical procedures. This is particularly true for an experimental vaccine that was work-horsed into widespread emergency use before undergoing long-term safety trials.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has fully inverted its founding ethos and mission directive by changing its worker protections for the first time since its 1971 inception and will not require employers to document vaccine injuries for employees compelled to receive them. Vaccine requirements as a condition of employment for the disinclined are a direct violation of an international code adopted as the result of Hitler’s evil experiments of the 1940s. Medical coercion under the threat of job loss is off the table. At least for now.

One lone NFL player will not be cowed and is speaking out against the draconian league measures. “I’ll take my chances with COVID and build up my immunity that way. Eat better. Drink water. Exercise and do what I think is necessary to be a healthy individual,” Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley stated. “If you’re scared of me, then steer clear. Point. Blank. Period. I may die of COVID, but I’d rather die actually living.”

Beasley is a brave man to speak up amid the increasingly authoritarian bent in one of our most beloved institutions; the NFL. The road ahead is fraught. As more and more Americans buckle to compliance, medical coercion may become the newest civil rights issue of our time. It will, however, face the example set by our most affluent – and ignorant. This week, concerts by Foo Fighters and Bruce Springsteen were declared off-limits to the unvaccinated – a kind of pogrom of those with dissenting views about what choices they should be allowed to make with their own bodies. If “rebels” like Dave Grohl and “The Boss” are falling all over themselves to reinforce pharmaceutical, media, and federal messaging, how many impressionable Americans will follow suit?

As Alexander Pope presciently wrote back in 1711: “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”


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