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Trump Talks Politics With Dr. Phil, and Hillary Is Still Mad

Heartlanders honored D-Day – but they didn’t pull their punches with Biden.

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Flyover folks used President Joe Biden as a verbal punching bag for a little therapeutic relief on D-Day. But there were bright spots as well this week in the weird world of American politics: Dr. Phil asked the serious questions of former President Donald Trump. Oh, and guess who is still mad and tilting at windmills? Hillary Clinton.

And How’s That Working for You?

Dr. Phil has interviewed a lot of folks over the years, and he appears to know what makes those people tick. In his usual drawl and cadence, the Texan recently sat down with former President Donald Trump to talk about the recent trial and 34 felony convictions. The good doctor also blasted Judge Merchan for “muzzling” the presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee throughout the trial.

Crankiness out in the open, Dr. Phil went down the pathway of how opponents use children as pawns. Trump jumped on board and went after Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), explaining how the California Congressman suggested his son, Donald Trump Jr., would “go to jail” in a very public manner for his involvement in the 2016 Russian collusion that leftists still seem to think was real.

“How do you deal with that as a father?” asked Dr. Phil. “Because I’ve had that happen to me. I mean, you met my son Jordan. My other son, Jay. I’ve had stories about them, and it infuriates me.”

Trump went with insults: “I call him watermelon head! He’s got the thinnest neck I’ve ever seen. How does it hold up that head? He’s got a neck that’s about a size six.” Dr. Phil had to stifle a smirk and a snort to keep the seriousness of the skit on track. Now he knows how Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman felt when Tim Conway was around.

In Illinois, Kim Faber Felton admitted, “I call him (Schiff) worse names, none I can put on here.”

Trump Lives Rent Free with Hillary

Hillary Clinton cannot let go of losing to Donald Trump. In a very incendiary post on X, the two-time presidential loser posted: “Eighty years ago today, thousands of brave Americans fought to protect democracy on the shores of Normandy. This November, all we have to do is vote.”

Clinton’s timing wasn’t great, and the backlash was immediate. “What an enormously stupid and vile comment,” Ben Shapiro replied, “Trump is not Hitler. And voting is not storming a beach under a hail of machine-gun fire to free millions from the tyranny of the Nazis.”

Commenting has now been disabled, leading the rest of us to imagine a myriad of hurtful words towards Mrs. Clinton. Stacy Clayton in Memphis, clearly not a fan, had her say: “Election denier original…but never did this Marxist Democrat get held accountable.” Ouch. In Colorado Springs, Toby Norton strategized, “We can all ignore the most corrupt woman in US political history, and maybe she’ll finally go away for good.”

All in all, Hillary’s post brought up questions about her own past. Or as Norma Mas Kulina in Montgomery, TX, says: “Careful. Lots of skeletons in her closet since early 80’s.”

But the last words belong to Lynne Meyer. “She needs to just go away. Having in-laws who were imprisoned in concentration camps, this comment is truly disgusting.” Meyer continued, “Comparing anyone to Hitler is just wrong.”

As Draft Dodgers Go

President Joe Biden’s campaign dropped a scathing digital ad on D-Day that highlights three veterans calling number 45 a draft dodger. What the ad failed to mention is that Joe Biden was also a draft dodger. Where Trump claimed bone spurs, Biden claimed asthma.

Heartlanders caught the irony and went a bit nutso on social media. Patricia Jean Fields Kessler in Tennessee was blunt: “He never served.”

“Really?” Wondered one man in Findlay, OH, George Karambellas. “Just before cannibals ate his Uncle Bosey, he defeated the Chinese at Normandy.”

According to Selective Service Records, Biden racked up five student draft deferments and then, following a medical exam, received a 1-Y classification – just like Trump. Those pesky records. But Biden was undeterred and jauntily went to Normandy, France, to commemorate D-Day.

Ron Delicath in Indianapolis, who followed Biden traipsing around France through news clips, called into question the president’s current state of health. “He was trying to sit down in an invisible chair yesterday,” Delicath explained. “Jill had to put her hand over her mouth and tell him to stop, that there was no chair there.”

Biden delivered speeches; the most irritating was at Pointe du Hoc. Jay McGuire in the Buckeye State listened for a bit and then begged off, writing: “He’s the worst speaker I’ve ever heard. Mumbles, hollers, lose track of words/thoughts.”

But heartlanders saw through Biden butchering what was once a stirring speech in 1984 at Pointe du Hoc to commemorate the 40th anniversary of D-Day. Mr. Biden’s speech writer must have done some research and not only found Number 40’s speech but also lifted a good bit of his remarks nearly word for word. That did not go unnoticed, and Gayle Sollenberger in Johnson City, TN, also made the connection: “He’ll never live up to President Reagan’s touching and heartfelt speech there.” Reagan is truly missed.

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