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Dems: Abolish Racist ICE!

A call to arms is being sent out to Democrats seeking to run for office in the next elections: Abolish ICE! Powerful words depicting terror and brutality are used as a weapon, branding the immigration control agency as racists and terrorists. Those who support ICE are considered white supremacists and the left is building on these radical claims to help win Democratic elections. To read more click here.

Trump Wins Big with “Keep America Great!”

President Trump was in his element speaking to crowds at a public rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday night. Appearing at an airport hangar in the Pittsburgh suburbs, Trump endorsed Republican candidate Rick Saccone in a bid for Congress and appeared to enjoy every minute of it. He passed much of the time reminiscing about his presidential successes and lambasting his opponents, however, the speech wasn’t without controversy as he touched on immigration, drugs and the economy. To read more click here.

Scapegoating on Mass-Shootings

It’s taken them longer than normal, but the people who usually rail against violent video games after a mass shooting have finally shown their faces. Yes, these individuals believe that this shooting — like many others — was inspired by violent video games. Despite the lack of scientific evidence supporting this theory, they excoriate violent video games and those who play them as if they are contributing to the problem. Unfortunately, they are barking up the wrong tree.To read more click here.

Globalist Bullies in for a Surprise with Brexit

Anti-establishment feeling in Europe gained a stronger foothold with the Euroskeptic victory in Italy’s recent elections. In a process that began with Brexit and has gained momentum with anti-E.U. successes in this year’s Italian and German elections, many are beginning to wonder if these results spell the beginning of the end for the European Union. With E.U. leadership still playing hardball in the Brexit negotiations, the Italian elections are already changing the mood. To read more click here.


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