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Trump Boogies in NJ, and a COVID Vax Is Taken Off the Market

From a Trump rally to Hillary on Broadway to conspiracy theories proving true, it has been a wacky week in the heartland.

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Heartlanders kept up a lively conversation this week as student protesters parroted their favorite anti-Israel phrases, clearly liking the sound but without any idea of what they really mean. Former President Trump went to the beach to rally the faithful in Wildwood and forget about court for a while. Astra Zeneca has pulled its COVID vaccine, and Hillary Clinton hit Broadway.

Indoctrination, Meet Reality

A pro-Israel group, Facts for Peace, braved the angry leftist mobs next to New York University to discuss actual events happening between Hamas and Israel. The headliner was the strikingly beautiful Miss Israel, Noa Cochva, who carried a poster that read: “I am an IDF soldier. Ask me anything.” Out of approximately 100 encounters, only one bothered to engage in conversation. Instead, slurs were screamed, including such classics as “war criminal” and “little Zionist.”

It ramped up quickly when a student approached Cochva wielding a knife and shouting at her, “I heard there was a Zionist here.”

And parents fund this kind of education?

Facts for Peace intended to conduct a social experiment. It was eye-opening: “It’s an awful thing to see what’s going on at the universities,” Cochva said. “It’s hard to see a generation of future leaders not even open to asking questions.” She continued, “I’ve been to war, and I know what it looks like from within. But none of them wanted to talk or listen.”

Rhonda Krominger Wilson commented in Pontiac, IL, “Hate speech, right? OH, I forget, that only works on certain demographics.” And Martha Raj in Michigan wrote these words or warning: “Hamas has taken over the West. The West, trying to be noble, has its hands tied. Get real West, protect your nations from Ottoman Empire invasion.”

A Peek Behind the Virus Veil

News leaked from across the pond that AstraZeneca pulled the Vaxzevria brand because of low demand. In a brief statement, an unidentified spokesperson wrote:

“We are incredibly proud of the role Vaxzevria played in ending the global pandemic. According to independent estimates, over 6.5 million lives were saved in the first year of use alone.”

But here’s what had flyover folks yakking: European Medicines Agency (EMA) admitted that reports across Europe linked the vaccine to rare blood clots shortly after approval in the UK. After the potential side effects were publicly listed, demand for the drug tanked.

As conspiracy theories go, some are more likely to be true than others. COVID-19 vaccines have killed at least some otherwise healthy people. Most heartlanders will tell you that even a paranoid person is right on occasion.

Cameron Michael in Indianapolis weighed in: “Ignore the part that they admitted that it’s causing blood clots. Just like the ones here.” Mike Ukleja from Las Vegas stated: “Every ‘conspiracy theory’ about Covid was a fact. Everything they told you about Covid was a lie.”

Luckily, this vaccination never made it to America – and it’s gone now even in Europe.

Trump’s Beach Blanket Bingo Moment

Wildwood, NJ, rolled out the red carpet for Donald Trump and a crowd estimated at between 80,000 and 100,000 this weekend. The campaign shelled out over $54,000 to cover local EMS, fire, and police services to manage the flock arriving from as far away as Tennessee and as close as New York and Ohio. Even the young folks were out braving the whipping winds and chilly temps. Joe Sereday was on hand with other Burlington County Young Republicans to assist partygoers in getting to where they needed to be for the rally.

“This … is a once-in-a-lifetime event for some, and being able to see any president, former or future, speak is a gift. I think it’s just an amazing event to be a part of. My friend is a Democrat who is coming just for the experience. Like him, if I had a chance to see former President Obama speak, I would jump on regardless of me disagreeing with some of what he has done.”

Julie Minton of Columbus, OH, commented: “That goes to show that Trump is gaining more younger voters while Biden is shedding them like skin over Hamas.”

S’Nuff Said

Hillary Clinton was nominated for a slew of Tony Awards for her musical, Suffs, based on the Suffragette Movement. The show is three hours long and features a politically correct cast of women and non-binary performers. So how did it go for the two-time presidential loser? Not great. The Broadway audience is a tough crowd that prefers celebrity stars, fantastical stories, family fare, and Disney imprimatur. Suffs, on the other hand, is history and another beating around the head and shoulders with progressive messaging.

The musical catalyzed a conversation with Randall Stine of Judyville, IN, while pondering today’s politics. Here’s how that went:

ME: Would you go see Snuffs, Rando?

Randall: Stuffs?

ME: Snuffs.

Randall: Sniffs?

ME: Still Snuffs.

Randall: Oh, (light going off) like a one of those crazy live-killing genre things?

Me: No

Randall: Well, since it’s Hillary, Stiffs would be a better title. I’d go see that and sit with Trump.

The musical seems destined for a short run – and just before the Tony Awards on June 16. But maybe the entertainment gods will smile down on Hillary and finally let her win something.

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