Only three months after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the United States saw two school shootings in one week. It appears that the issue of school shootings is not going away anytime soon, and with each incident, the debate over gun control arises. However, politicians, the media, and most Americans have failed to ask an important question: if a lack of gun control legislation is the issue, then why don’t these incidents occur in inner-city schools?

When was the last time you heard of a mass shooting occurring at schools in cities like Los Angeles, Detroit, or Chicago? Sure, these cities have high rates of gun violence despite having some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, but their schools do not experience the level of deadly violence that we see elsewhere in the country. The answer is simple: inner city schools are doing something that others are not. They are implementing the types of security measures that deter and prevent would-be mass shooters.

Robust Security Measures

Schools in urban areas have used a variety of security measures to curb gun violence on their campuses. These methods were first introduced in the mid-‘80s when Detroit became one of the first cities to install metal detectors in middle schools and high schools. Schools in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles followed suit shortly after.

These policies have drastically decreased violent gun crime in the learning institutions in which they are implemented. Philip Smith, the president of the National African American Gun Association, believes that enhanced security should also be used in other schools. “I think urban schools are eons ahead,” he told The Denver Post. “They’ve been dealing with violence a lot longer than suburban schools.”

In a piece written for Wear Your Voice, author Joy Mohammed described how these security methods work in Detroit schools. She wrote:

“Every morning students arrive an hour to thirty minutes in their uniform before the first bell to wait in a line to pass through a metal detector, have their backpacks searched, and get patted down by security guards. It is just not students — every parent, guest, even the postman walks through those metal detectors, gets their photo taken, and is greeted by a security guard who escorts them to the main office, right by our deputized police officer’s desk.”

Mohammed describes her school as a “fortress.” She states that each door is “locked from the outside and equipped with sensors.” If you leave these doors open for a certain period of time, an alarm “screeches through the hallway like a cat in heat.” She also states that every side door is locked and security guards constantly patrol the halls. Put simply; any would-be mass shooter would have an extremely difficult time carrying out a murderous rampage. Indeed, they would likely be stopped before they ever entered the building.

These measures sound like something you would expect to see in a visit to the White House or another important facility. That’s the point. Our children’s lives are of the utmost importance, and inner cities believe that they should be protected.

Additional Gun Legislation Will Not Decrease Mass Shooting Deaths

The left has constantly argued that the solution for preventing mass shootings — and gun violence in general — is additional gun legislation. They tout laws that would make it more difficult for law-abiding Americans to obtain the weapons they need to defend themselves. However, when conservatives ask which types of legislation would have prevented shootings like the ones that occurred in Parkland, gun control supporters don’t seem to have a decent answer.

The reality is that no additional gun control legislation would have prevented the massacre in Santa Fe. The shooter had stolen his weapons from his father, who purchased them legally. Moreover, he used a .38 revolver and a shotgun, which are weapons that would not be covered by the assault rifle ban that the left has been pushing.

All American Schools Should Follow The Example Of Inner City Schools

It appears that some state governments are learning that our schools need more security. After the shooting at Parkland, Florida Governor Rick Scott stated that he wants to spend $500 million to install metal detectors, increase the number of law enforcement officers on campus, and provide more mental health counselors at schools. The New York state Senate passed legislation that includes provisions for improved security technology and metal detectors in their schools.

Of course, it must be said that using greater security measures is not a foolproof solution. In some cases, if these methods are not used effectively, students could be at risk. Nevertheless, it is clear that these policies are a more viable solution to preventing mass shooting deaths than simply passing laws that restrict access to firearms.

So why isn’t the left arguing for practical solutions that have been shown to curb gun violence in our learning institutions? After all, if these methods have successfully protected our inner-city students, they should work for those in the suburbs, right? Unfortunately, the gun control movement’s ultimate objective is to keep law-abiding Americans from obtaining firearms. Therefore, it makes more sense to use mass shootings to push for more legislation that limits an individual’s ability to purchase a gun.

This isn’t to say that all who support gun control wish to disarm the public. However, a recent survey revealed that 44% of Democrats wanted to ban handguns. 39% supported the repeal of the 2nd Amendment. These are troubling statistics for those who wish to preserve our right to bear arms.

Fortunately, the majority of the American public still supports our right to obtain firearms. However, the left, and their allies in the establishment media are working hard to convince more people to support stricter regulations on guns — and they are not above using mass shootings to do it. Conservatives can combat the left’s anti-gun message by focusing on real solutions that will protect our children. The more educated people are on firearms and the impotence of gun laws, the less likely they will be to buy what the left is selling.


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