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The Moral Cost of Not Enforcing the Border

by | Jun 22, 2018 | Immigration, Narrated News

As storm clouds roiling across the grasslands inched closer to the Ohio Valley, Midwesterners were readying to explode like an unwatched double boiler pot with a snug fitting lid. After weeks of news about Kim Jong Un and the historic summit had been wrung of any possible negative conclusions for President Trump, the despairing left, through their salty tears, found a solution to their plight: illegal immigrant children.

A new pawn for the left was born from a Tweet by former President Obama’s speechwriter, Jon Favreau, who found a photo of Hispanic children laying on a thin mattress on a cement floor inside a cage. It was the Tweet heard ’round the world, sparking a liberal outrage at Trump and his deplorable supporters.

But Midwesterners took the attack as a challenge and handily proved, millions of times over on Twitter and Facebook, that it was, in fact, a photo from the Obama era. This was Obama’s shame.

Gary, a prominent attorney in Kansas City, Missouri and proud supporter of the immediate past president, posted a rant on his Facebook page about Trump’s zero tolerance policy on illegal immigration. As he clearly viewed it as an affront to humanity, detained children were his prime concern:

“This isn’t a Republican, Democrat, Conservative or Liberal issue. This cuts to the very essence of being a human being. I’ve emailed my Congressional representative and implored him to do what it takes to stop this horrific policy. Have you?”

Well, as one would imagine, the threshold of that open door was figuratively trampled with replies.

Mike, from the smoke-filled regions of the Four Corners, offered his two cents worth:

“There is a significant moral cost to not enforcing the border. There is obviously a moral cost to separating a parent from a child and almost everyone would prefer not to do it. But, under current policy and with the current resources, the only practical alternative is letting family units who show up at the border live in the country for the duration. Not only does this make a mockery of our laws, it creates an incentive for people to keep bringing children with them. Needless to say, children should not be making this journey that is fraught with peril. But there is now a premium on bringing children because of how we have handled these cases. They are considered chits.”

And then in an instant, with a click of the Bic and signature swipe, Trump took it all away again.  The bewilderment was palpable, as liberals and pundits frantically searched, in vain, for a reason that getting exactly what they wanted, was in fact, bad.


The Chicagoland local ABC affiliate was stepping and fetching with thousands of commenters weighing in on the Facebook page after posting numerous “zero tolerance” and “separation of children” posts, resulting in a mixed bag of replies.

Marilyn wrote, “when congress fails this president acts,” and was met with replies from dozens of angry, cursing lefties lost in the wilderness of the post-Obama gilded age. One such witty retort came from Julie, “Really? How did we go from Obama to this horrid administration? This is Trump’s law.” She was schooled by a host of angry truth seekers who posted links to reality.

Jim jumped in a few posts down the line with, “Not enforcing the law… expected this from the previous administration… epic fail Mr President.” Victor followed up by urging people to vote for “whoever the Democrats find.” Then came Donna’s “Oh, shut up. Jesus is ashamed of you.” No one was sure to whom Donna was speaking, as she added a few smiley-face emojis to throw everyone off kilter.

It’s a tough job for Trump’s flyover constituents to educate the leftist loonies who hyperventilate as a defense mechanism, but the troops are armed with truth and the ability to cut, paste, and comment with spitfire precision.  What should have been a celebrated win was met with more angst. Silly liberals, Trump bent to the will of the people. Take the win, already.

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