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The Moral Bankruptcy of Apple

Love your iPhone and Apple gear? You may want to think again.

Apple is one of those enterprises that loves to signal its virtue. That doesn’t exactly make it stand out from other left-leaning entities but executives at Apple HQ have a particularly egregious track record when it comes to its business practices. This week two of the company’s actions have come under fire – and for good reason.

iPhone City, located in Zhengzhou, China, was the scene of unrest that developed into a massive uprising in late November. At one time, the city was responsible for manufacturing 85% of all iPhones. Violent protests, confirmed by The Wall Street Journal, illustrated just how upset Chinese workers are at the US company. Videos portray workers holding signs saying, “Stand up for your rights” – not something one is apt to see every day in communist China. Low wages and sub-standard working conditions are at the heart of it.

On Saturday, Dec. 3, news leaked that Apple is now seeking to branch out its manufacturing to other labor markets outside the People’s Republic. Company execs have their eyes on moving iPhone- building operations to India and Vietnam. It seems the American mega-business is no longer happy putting all its apples in one basket.

However, the story of Apple’s decision to take its business elsewhere may have its origins in its increasingly troubled relationship with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Apple’s Role in Playing Nice with the Communists

The other night, Tucker Carlson aired a disturbing portrait of the connection between Apple and the Chinese Communist Party. This wasn’t one of those stories alleging and supposing – it had facts and quotes that demonstrate the collaboration of the American company in helping communists quash recent freedom protests in China. The more Carlson spoke about the nexus between the two entities, the more chilling it became.

One could argue the most revolutionary development in organizing protests has been a little device that can fit in the palm of a hand – the cellphone. It’s a powerful tool for organizing, which fostered the Arab Spring and the Cuban uprising. But what if the makers of these handy devices take up with communist dictators? That couldn’t possibly happen, could it?

Across the globe, one has two choices when it comes to smartphones: Android (which is owned by Google) or Apple iOS. That’s pretty much it. These two operating systems make up 98% of all smartphones worldwide. In the US, Apple has a larger share of the market – over 50% – which differs from the rest of the world, where Google reigns supreme. The recent unrest in China over draconian COVID restrictions has brought to light Apple’s role in aiding and abetting the Xi regime in putting down the rebellion. How so? Actually, it wasn’t all that hard.

Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Apple Crushes Protests for the CCP

Last month, the CCP took defensive action and demanded that Apple disable a feature on Chinese iPhones called AirDrop. This occurred about the time of Xi’s re-election, perhaps in anticipation of unrest. AirDrop is a mode of communication that allows people to talk to each other without the internet or cell towers. This iPhone feature was instrumental in the organizing of protests. Without it, the freedom fighters lost a critical tool to foment unrest.

But the CCP said jump, and Apple responded, “How high?” The company shut down AirDrop. Bang. Gone. US executives had to know their collaboration with the Chinese government removed a key offensive weapon from the people of China who are desperately seeking liberty. In other words, Apple demonstrated where its loyalty lies, and it wasn’t with the little guy seeking freedom.

Leftists love to claim those on the right are dollar-hungry capitalists, the kind of folks who will do anything and roll over anyone to make a buck. They love the high ground of moral superiority but are actually dyed-in-the-wool poseurs who say they put people above profits. When push comes to shove, those at Apple HQ in San Jose put this lie to the test and proved themselves to be more than capitalists ready and willing to stand with the communist party. How do they justify this behavior? With virtue signaling, of course.

Finding a smooth-talking CEO better than Apple’s Tim Cook would be difficult. Here’s what he said when confronted with his company’s CCP-friendly policies:

“I think that we have a responsibility as a business to do business in as many places as we can, because I think business is this huge catalyst. I believe in what Tom Watson said, which is ‘world peace through world trade.’”

World peace? Breathtaking, is it not? As a savvy political analyst recently said, “The left loves capitalism as much as the right, but the left needs to virtue signal and act like it’s not about money for them, and so they position themselves as those doing a societal good. It’s really all hogwash.” Tucker Carlson echoed this point when he commented:

“So, helping the Chinese police state put down peaceful protests with tanks — it’s not a sin. It’s a virtue. It’s a blow for world peace. That was Tim Cook’s explanation.”

Apple has always been a closed culture. One Apple product always leads to another because of its proprietary nature. Owning an iPhone means using Apple cables and Apple headsets. And there’s only one way to buy an APP for the iPhone: From the Apple store.

The Ants Go Marching Two by Two

The division between the two operating systems has led to only two APP stores – Apple and Google Play. If an APP is banned in the Apple store – which is a threat Elon Musk claimed he faced for his new company, Twitter – there is no place else to go if you own an iPhone.

New banner Viewpoint with compassImagine for a moment that there is only one grocery store in the US. If this business won’t let a customer through the front door, that person is left to starve. Apple has wielded the mighty stick of its branded store before, with Uber and others who were told to play the game the Apple way or suffer banishment.

This oligopoly is an anti-trust suit waiting to happen. But alas, lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle have been kicking this can down the road for years. So, the rancid smell from Apple’s abuse of power goes unchecked, and the executives of this trillion-dollar operation have proven they care not one whit for the ordinary working man and woman.

Those who say they are against communism, worry about China as a potential threat to US national security and still use iPhones are engaging in cognitive dissonance. Users can’t love one and hate the other. Coming to the aid of the CCP and bullying customers to toe the line or else suffer exclusion from its APP store, not to mention its deplorable working conditions and substandard wages are indicative of the company’s true allegiance. Apple’s actions clearly show it does not stand with, in the words of Emma Lazarus, the “huddled masses who yearn to breathe free.” Put another way, it could be said this Apple is rotten to the core.

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