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Test Your News Knowledge Quiz – September 24, 2023

Test Your News Knowledge - 9/24/23
1. The National Teachers Union proposed to replace the word ‘Mother’ with:
2. Genetically modifying mosquitos can potentially:
3. What military group has been experiencing recruit shortages for the first time in over two decades?
4. The lack of runway warning systems is causing some airplanes to:
5. The 14-month economic decline following World War I was also known as:
6. Rather than cow flatulence, one of the most significant sources of greenhouse gases today is:
7. Hunter Biden recently sued ______ ,claiming he was ‘targeted’ by it.
8. Joe Biden gave a UN speech in front of the General Assembly in what US city?
9. Following New Mexico’s attempted 30-day gun ban, this governor hopes to amend the US Constitution.
10. FEMA and the FCC have a nationwide 30-minute emergency test scheduled to take place on October 4 at ________.

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