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Test Your News Knowledge Quiz – October 15, 2023

Test Your News Knowledge - 10/15/23
1. The ___________, generated by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), details wasted government spending that totaled nearly half a trillion dollars in its latest release.
2. What Iranian-funded Islamist militant group orchestrated the recent attack that left over 600 Israelis dead and over 2,000 injured?
3. RFK Jr. announced on October 9 that he would no longer be running for the Democratic party but instead as a(n):
4. Regarding supporters of Donald Trump, who said: “At some point, maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members”?
5. The level of coordination, severity of the attacks, and well-timed assaults on key locations suggest that Hamas had outside assistance, most likely from:
6. In a supposed attempt to censor his people, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is requiring all live streamers to:
7. Gotion, Inc., an energy solutions company effectively controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and funded by American tax-payers, plans to build two facilities in America: one in Illinois and the other in:
8. Mitt Romney (R-UT) and Paul Ryan hosted a two-day event in Utah dedicated to getting rid of Donald Trump in the upcoming election. Four GOP hopefuls accepted their invitation, including:
9. Following the Hamas attack on Israel, the $6 billion ransom payment for the release of American prisoners is now:
10. The first vote for the now vacated Speaker McCarthy (R-CA) favored __________ over Jim Jordan (R-OH) with a 113 to 99 result.

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