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Test Your News Knowledge Quiz – May 21, 2023

Test Your News Knowledge - 5/20/23
1. The Biden administration’s plans to do a “mass release” of migrants was thwarted by:
2. The Nation’s Report Card showed that only 13% of eighth graders are proficient in:
3. Elon Musk hired Linda Yaccarino to fill what position at Twitter?
4. What does Tucker Carlson claim is “…the fundamental prerequisite for democracy.”?
5. A four-year investigation by John Durham into supposed Russian collusion by the 2016 Trump Campaign found that:
6. New Jersey District Judge Renée Marie Bumb issued preliminary injunctions on portions of a strict new gun law she said was:
7. Democrats and Republicans recently worked together to pass a joint resolution that would create jobs in the field of:
8. Liberty Nation’s compilation of data comparing Twitter activity revealed that there was the most activity on which two accounts:
9. In a House Select Subcommittee of the Weaponization of the Federal Government, Whistleblowers alleged the FBI took punitive measures against them for:
10. What does Chicago intend to do with the large influx of illegal immigrants since the expiration of Title 42?

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