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Still No Dramatic Global Warming

A lack of catastrophic global warming is bad news for the climate-grifting industrial complex.

Although climate catastrophe hysteria has recently been switched into high gear, the cold fact is that the Earth has not warmed in nearly eight years. If the public had not read it in the news, would they have even noticed global warming?

Enough Snow

Two decades ago, climate catastrophists warned us that winter sports would soon be a thing of the past. However, Vail Mountain ski resort in Colorado recently reported the longest ski season on record: “Even though it was a rare May closing, the weather behaved more like March, with wind and snow creating cold conditions on the slopes.”

Similarly, Austrian ski industry researcher Günther Aigner studied the impact of climate change on the famous Schmittenhöhe ski resort in the Alps. He found only a slight winter warming of 1°C in the last 50 years that was not statistically significant, and four of the six coldest winters in that period occurred in the previous 16 years. He found no measurable impact on the skiing conditions.

Variable World

What’s going on? Why do we see scary evidence of global warming in newspapers but not in the real world? Independent researcher Willis Eschenbach has recently pointed out that the sense of magnitude is wildly warped by how data is presented.

Whenever the public sees a global warming graph, it never starts at 0°Kelvin, showing the temperature variation on an absolute scale. If it did, we would all be struck at how remarkably stable the climate is, only varying by 0.1%. As can be seen in the graph below, any warming at all is difficult to spot.


Willis Eschenbach, wattsupwiththat.com

Similarly, media audiences are only presented with the average temperature, which hides an enormous daily and seasonal temperature variation. Giving only averages and carefully selected parts of the data that hide the variation is a technique associated with used car salespeople and stockbrokers. Statisticians regularly describe these methods as well-known ways of lying with graphs.

No one lives in an average global climate. People live in specific locations with seasons and all. Just like it was difficult to spot a warming trend in the graph, most people don’t notice the difference in their daily lives.

New banner Liberty Nation Analysis 1Hurricanes and Sea Level

Therefore, climate catastrophists have stopped talking about global warming and instead focus on rising sea levels, ocean acidification, and extreme weather. However, despite the media hysteria, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reluctantly admits there is no measurable acceleration in sea-level rise. The oceans are rising at the same rate they have been for thousands of years, rebounding from the last ice age.

The IPCC also confesses that there is no statistically significant trend in extreme weather events. Inconveniently, the ocean is not getting more acidic but less alkaline, and sea life is, therefore, not under threat. Since the ocean contains about 50 times more CO2 than the atmosphere, there isn’t much we humans can do to change it chemically either.

These inconvenient truths are not well-known because the legacy media do not widely report them. Perhaps that is because they are part of the climate-grifting industrial complex?

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