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Scott Israel Is No Leader

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Politics

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Law Enforcement is majority alpha personalities and there are times when conflicts arise because more than one person wants to be a leader in an incident. These problems are often ended with either rank or seniority stepping in and bringing order. Law enforcement needs alpha males because of the nature of the job. Leadership in law enforcement is essential to lower crime rates or to stop an active threat, such as Nikolas Cruz in Parkland, Florida. Sheriff Scott Israel claims he has given “amazing leadership,” but that claim is unfounded.

Israel made claims that have been untrue about his leadership. He was questioned about the deputy who did not go inside the school and attempt to stop Cruz. Israel’s response was indicative of someone who isn’t a leader. He passed the buck and said he could only take responsibility for what he knew.

A real leader in law enforcement takes responsibility for all the actions of those underneath him or her. A Sheriff or Police Chief cannot take responsibility for the good things his employees do then separate themselves from the bad when they wear the same uniform.

Shifting Focus

Israel has shown America that he is quick to move the spotlight off of him or his department. Just a couple of days before it was exposed that Scott Peterson stayed outside for four minutes, Israel attacked Dana Loesch on stage at a CNN townhall. He knew the news about Peterson was going to come out eventually. A real leader would not have tried to put so much on the NRA or attack Loesch to create another narrative or diversion.

Leadership is not immediately attacking the NRA, who had nothing to do with Cruz’s actions. Leading is not attacking Scott Peterson before the internal investigation is complete. Israel didn’t solve any problems by jumping down Loesch’s throat for applause on CNN. Israel saw an opportunity to get the bull’s eye off of his back as the sheriff and threw Peterson under the bus, whether he was right or wrong for staying outside of the school.

Proper Training

It would be interesting to know if the School Resource Officers at Broward County have any active shooter training. Unfortunately, we live in a society where leftists have made schools soft targets, making them attractive for maniacs like Cruz. The head of a police department or sheriff’s office should place school security at the top of his list to pass on to the training division. The head training officer should create an annual active shooter training for School Resource Officers where they go and do force on force with paintball guns. Also, patrol officers should go through yearly training as well. A leader would delegate to the training division some points like I just mentioned. It is becoming clear, active shooter training may not have happened.

The Rodney King beating was atrocious for law enforcement in general. Daryl Gates was the police chief at the Los Angeles Police Department at the time of the not guilty verdict that began the infamous Los Angeles riots in 1992. Gates interviewed with PBS. He admitted where his officers messed up in the arrest procedure of King. He also realized the police department was too slow to act when the riots began. Gates showed leadership by accepting failures of the department because he is a leader. Scott Israel is not.

The Blame Game

Israel is a perfect example of why leftism has failed. Democrats and social liberals often blame others, or outside forces, for problems but they never accept the responsibility for their issues. Blaming others leads to failure.

Scott Israel has failed his deputies that do real police work. He has failed the community. And he has failed the 17 people who died on February 14, 2018.

Scott Israel is not a law enforcement leader. He is a politician who needs votes to keep his job.

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