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Rudy to the Rescue – Going Scorched Earth in Search of the Truth

Sometimes, the best way to get results is to find an attack dog to do what no one else will do.

If you read the leftist press and watch its broadcast cohorts, you will likely hear nothing but bad things about Rudy Giuliani. President Trump has reportedly put him in charge of heading up the legal challenges over Democrat election fraud. To those who believe that Election 2020 is being stolen from the president, this is nothing but good news, though.

Speaking with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo on November 15, Giuliani made the case for overturning election results in several states – specifically Pennsylvania and Michigan. He claimed that the Trump campaign had four witnesses to a middle-of-the-night arrival of ballots at one location in Michigan – thousands of ballots that were marked only for Joe Biden and no other candidates.

Giuliani also said that the campaign had “identified 632,000 illegal votes” in Pennsylvania. These are ballots that were separated from their envelopes before signatures could be verified. Additionally, the attorney told Bartiromo that he had additional witnesses about whom he was not yet prepared to speak. Regarding the use of the highly-suspect Dominion voting system, Giuliani said it is something that “has to be investigated as a national security matter.”

Rudy Giuliani

The former mayor of New York and Mr. Trump’s personal attorney knows his way around the scum and low-lifes of the world and is prepared to do what it takes to expose voter fraud. Mr. Giuliani’s elevation to the top spot comes on the heels of a series of legal setbacks for Team Trump in Michigan, Arizona, and other hotly contested states. These legal losses indicate that playing nice in a dirty sandbox is not going to work.

Enter Rudy

Giuliani is a hardscrabble politico who will go up against anyone and anything to expose the truth. If the New York mob doesn’t scare you, nothing will, and Giuliani has demonstrated his ability to handle Mafia family crime syndicates. If there’s anyone who can get to the bottom of election fraud, it is Rudy.

The Democratic party’s media wing has printed article after article claiming that Giuliani’s presence has upset the Trump Legal team’s applecart. This may be just the ticket as Trump challenges the ballot counts in several battleground states.

Regarding the addition of Mr. Giuliani, The New York Times cited “internal tensions” that resulted in law firms withdrawing from the president’s legal team. CNN parroted the Times report asserting: “Giuliani’s now involvement has ‘vexed’ Trump campaign staffers and the White House.” Meanwhile, Politico reported – without source – on a contentious White House meeting concerning election fraud: “As the group batted around options before the president, Giuliani interjected and derided them as insufficiently aggressive. Some in the room were taken aback.”

While the leftist press finds this tension within the president’s legal team problematic, it is music to the ears of those who back Trump’s efforts to expose what they believe to be a stolen election. The president originally chose David Bosse to lead efforts to get to the bottom of possible election fraud. However, Bosse is not an attorney and has recently tested positive for COVID-19. Also in the mix is attorney Sidney Powell, who is no shrinking violet.

Articles across the American media landscape keep repeating the approved mantra: “thus far, there is no credible evidence that voter fraud has taken place.” But the Trump base remains unconvinced. As there is still time for challenges to votes that have not yet been certified by the states, this appears to be as good a time as any for Giuliani and Powell to take the reigns and begin filing legal challenges on the president’s behalf.

Should there be any provable fraud, Rudy Giuliani is likely the best man to uncover these electoral abnormalities. The Trump faithful are hopefully optimistic that it will not be too little, too late.


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