A private religious university is currently facing the threat of far-left radical feminism.  The college is searching for a new director of its Women’s Center to promote gender equality.  However, the university is not allowing male students from developing a Men’s Center on campus, contradicting the goal of equality.

The University of Scranton in Pennsylvania is a private Catholic institution.  The college is currently searching for a new director to promote feminism through the school’s Women’s Center, according to Townhall Magazine.  As explained on the University of Scranton’s website, the Women’s Center serves to raise awareness on “women’s issues,” such as rape, sexual assault, and the so-called gender wage gap.  The website also states, “Campus women’s centers act as a resource for all genders.”

Although the school’s officials claim the Women’s Center to be a useful resource for “all genders,” the university prohibits the development of a Men’s Center on campus, with the website stating:

While we understand that men face discrimination, rarely are they discriminated against because of their sex/gender.  Women have historically faced discrimination.  As such, establishing a men’s center would suggest that the historical and current status of men is similar to that of women, which it is not.  Women’s centers address the historical and current trends affecting women.

“Women’s Centers address the historical and current trends affecting women?”  The description is contradictory, as Scranton’s Women’s Center was previously defined to be “a resource for all genders” and not a center for issues solely facing women.  Moreover, the University of Scranton seems to hint that American females are oppressed and face widespread discrimination.  According to the college’s website, the student body consists of fifty-nine percent undergraduate women and sixty-two percent graduate females.  The undergraduate tuition is nearly forty-two thousand dollars annually, which is quite a large sum of money for helplessly oppressed female students to afford.

The University of Scranton is not the first college to discriminate against male students.  As noted in a previous article by Liberty Nation, officials at Ithaca University claim that all men are inherently responsible for violence such as rape, mass murder, and terrorism.  The LN article also notes how Brown University refers to males:

Men will often resort to violence to resolve conflict because anger is the only emotion that they have been socialized to express.

It seems that far-left radical feminism has infiltrated many of America’s educational institutions, attempting to brainwash students and demonize males.  While Liberty Nation has covered much of the corruption taking place at universities in the U.S., ranging from the racist violence at Evergreen State College to the attacks on free speech at Berkeley University, such cases continue to spread nationwide.  Students should carefully question what they learn, as universities are meant to encourage, not stifle, the values of critical thought and free expression.

Perhaps the University of Scranton requires a reevaluation to reinstate such values.

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