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Oppressive UK Arrests Journalist as Dissident

Independent conservative journalist Brittany Pettibone and leader of the Austrian patriot group Generation Identity Martin Sellner were recently detained by airport police upon arrival at Heathrow International Airport in the U.K. and refused entry into the country. They were told that they were detained “because they are right wing.” Thereby the U.K. ominously joins the ranks of Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, Iran and other dubious countries that imprison political dissidents. To read more click here

Trump Touches the Third Rail on Guns

Now that new gun legislation has been passed by the Republican legislature in Florida and signed by GOP Governor Rick Scott, where does our Republican President come down on the various components of the bill? Well, President Trump apparently thought a lot about the issue over the weekend and expressed his views in a trio of tweets early Monday.  And they included something for everyone. To read more click here

Trump and Leverage: The Left Doesn’t Get It

In his lifetime Donald J. Trump has worn many hats, but his primary philosophy of life is derived from the realm of business. Above all the president of the United States is a world-class wheeler-dealer. He self-describes as one who “negotiates.” And he does his best negotiating by using a simple mathematical principle developed in the 3rd century by Archimedes. It is called leverage. Leverage is a practical and not very complicated concept but one that seems to be entirely missing from the leftist mindset and lexicon. To read more click here

Recipe for Destruction: Sanders and Warren 2020

The hysteria over an Oprah Winfrey presidential run was quickly put to rest after the media mogul decided that her Weight Watchers contract on top of billionaire status was enough to keep her in the news without a political bid. Although the overly sensitive Democrats were crushed under the weight of Winfrey’s indifference, a new rumor has prompted a spark of visible hope in their sad faces; Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), together in 2020 to combat Trump’s unending successes. To read more click here.


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