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New CA Governor Goes Full-on Socialist

California is finally rid of Jerry Brown, but its new governor, Gavin Newsom, may be an even bigger thorn in conservatives’ sides, especially when it comes to medical coverage and the illegal immigration problem. Newsom is a good friend of Nancy Pelosi, which doesn’t stir much confidence for Republicans, and his goal is to make California the example for the rest of the nation. He intends to do that by making healthcare affordable to all, including illegal immigrants, and opening the state with a huge welcome mat for any who seek to move there. Many are calling the new governor’s office a “direct affront to President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.”

“There is an administration in Washington that is clearly hostile to California and California’s interests,” Newsom told Fox News. “We will offer an alternative to the corruption and incompetence in the White House. Our government will be progressive, principled, and always on the side of the people.”

A Sanctuary to All Who Seek It

In his inaugural speech, Newsom said California would be “a sanctuary to all who seek it,” welcoming illegal aliens with open arms. During his campaigning last year, he called the president’s border wall a “monument to idiocy,” while also insulting Trump by referring to him as a “small, scared bully.” He follows the left’s rhetoric that children should not be ripped away from their parents and money should not be spent on a border wall that shouldn’t be built.

However, as former Republican candidate for governor John Cox pointed out, Newsom is not so innocent in that regard. “As usual Gavin Newsom wants it both ways. As San Francisco mayor, Newsom policy reported undocumented youth to ICE – he was for it before he was against it,” Cox said in a Facebook post.

The policy Cox referred to was implemented in July 2008 which sent undocumented youth arrested for felony (and some misdemeanor crimes) to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Previously, only undocumented adults being charged with felonies were referred.

Angela Chan, a San Francisco immigration attorney, said the policy was a “pretty drastic change.” She told PolitiFact that before, “the focus was on rehabilitation and on the appropriate placement of the child and also on reunification with the family.” Each month, dozens of children were reported to ICE, some of whom were deported. The 13-year-old Chan represented was nearly sent back for stealing 46 cents and punching another kid.

One brave anti-sanctuary attendee to Newsom’s inauguration stood up and yelled at the new governor. “Corporal Ronil Singh’s blood is on your hands!” he shouted, referring to the officer who was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant just days before. “Shame on you! Shame on you!” he yelled as he was escorted out of the event.

Healthcare for All!

Newsom has already declared he wants to open the doors to all and sundry, and he wants to provide them all with free healthcare. A significant expansion to Medi-Cal – the state’s healthcare program that covers low income households – would provide insurance to illegal immigrants up to the age of 26, much like Obamacare. That cost, which would fall solely on the tax paying residents, is projected to be around $250 million a year.

California governor Gavin Newsom

In another affront to Trump, the governor seeks to make it mandatory that all state residents carry health insurance, although he does propose to increase subsidies for the middle-class families. His budget suggestion allows for a single person earning up to $72,840 annually and for a family of four, the cap would be $150,600.

One of Newsom’s first acts in office included signing an order that created a surgeon general oversight position to oversee the consolidation of pharmaceutical purchases. The hope here is to lower drug costs, but under the new system, the governor’s office said “the state would become the largest single purchaser of prescription drugs.”

While many are relieved to see ‘ole Moonbeam leave the office, only time will tell if Newsom will pick up the gauntlet and run full force, becoming an even worse nightmare.

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