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Migrant Crisis is Now Human Trafficking?

Now that illegal immigrants are no longer just border states’ problems, Dems are crying foul.

Oh, how the story changes when the shoe is on the other foot.

Until Republican border governors started sending illegal immigrants to Democrat-run states, the migrant crisis was a mere irritation – and perhaps not even that for Democrats. The Biden administration couldn’t even be bothered to visit the area and determine the legitimacy of the claims. Now, however, migrants have been transferred to Martha’s Vineyard and in front of Vice President Kamala Harris’ home, and oh boy, now it is definitely a crisis. In fact, the situation is so dire that Democrats are coming out of the woodwork, accusing GOP governors of kidnapping and even human trafficking.

Migrant Crisis at Martha’s Vineyard and Harris’ Home

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) sent two busloads of immigrants to Washington, DC, near Ms. Harris’ residence. “We’re sending migrants to her backyard to call on the Biden Administration to do its job & secure the border,” he tweeted. In another post, Abbott promised “Texas will continue sending migrants to sanctuary cities like D.C.” until the administration provides help for the migrant crisis.

Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor of Florida, sent two planeloads of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, saying, “We are not a sanctuary state, and it is better to be able to go to a sanctuary jurisdiction, and yes, we will help facilitate that transport for you to go to greener pastures.” A spokesperson for the governor said the immigrants were taken there as part of DeSantis’ “promise to drop off undocumented migrants in progressive states.”

Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey have been sending migrants to other cities including New York, DC, and Chicago since the Biden administration has not lifted a finger to help the southern border states that have been swarmed with illegals crossing into their territories. So far, almost 8,000 immigrants have been sent to other cities as of late August.

Migrant Crisis is at Their Front Door

President Joe Biden accused the governors of using undocumented migrants as human “props,” claiming they were “playing politics with human beings.” He told the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, “What they’re doing is simply wrong. It’s un-American, it’s reckless.” The president added, “We’re working to make sure it’s safe and orderly and humane. Republican officials should not interfere with that process by waging these political stunts.”

Meeting the needs of thousands of migrants is not easy, as these blue states are finally seeing. New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been battling Abbott as more immigrants turn up in his city. Adams said, “The city’s system is nearing its breaking point” trying to provide resources for so many extra people. But this is nothing new for the southern border states.

John Martin, deputy director of the Opportunity Center for the Homeless in El Paso, TX, told Fox & Friends First that his shelter and others in the state are bursting at the seams. “To give you an example,” he explained, “I have one small shelter out of five that currently has over 110 individuals in it, when it should be closer to 80 at this point.” He said they have had to “say no to some of those folks that are in need.” According to Martin, part of the problem is “unannounced street releases.” He added, “We simply don’t know when they’re coming or how many there are going to be. And so you just can’t anticipate and plan at that point.”

When the Biden administration bused and flew migrants around the country – sometimes without letting local officials know ahead of time – it was considered proper conduct and humane. Now, it’s not. Go figure.

In fact, the influx of illegal immigrants into their own backyards has Dems standing up, stammering, and throwing wild accusations. Gov. Gavin Newsom of California, the guy who told Floridians to move to the Golden State to experience more freedom, has called for a federal investigation into the immigrant relocation policies of Texas and Florida. In a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, he wrote, “Clearly, transporting families, including children, across state lines under false pretenses is morally reprehensible, but it may also be illegal.” He even suggested kidnapping as a charge and wrote, “Accordingly, I strongly urge the [Justice Department] to open an investigation into possible criminal or civil violations of federal law based on this alleged fraudulent scheme.”

Governor Ron DeSantis - migrant crisis

Governor Ron DeSantis (Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images)

During MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Hillary Clinton told host Joe Scarborough that “Some politicians would rather not have an issue, but exacerbate it to the extent of literally human trafficking.”

Texas Citizens Beg Biden to See for Himself

In Eagles Pass, TX, residents told Fox News they wished Biden would visit the area to see just how real the problem is. Laura Ramos, who runs a store near one of the three official border crossings, said, “I would like to see Joe Biden here in the border so he can see the problem himself, which is a big problem,” adding that she has had to train her kids to defend not only themselves but also the family business with weapons because the migrant crisis is so bad. “I blame the president,” she said.

Another business owner said “If Biden is going to let people go in the USA, do it the right way, not just letting all people go. It’s getting out of control every day.” The residents told Fox they feel unsafe “after migrants trashed ranches, killed pets and stole from businesses.”

Harris Claims the Border is Secure

Last week, VP Harris twice claimed there was no crisis. “The border is secure, but we also have a broken immigration system, in particular, over the last four years before we came in, and it needs to be fixed,” she said on Meet the Press.

A border patrol official pushed back, telling Fox News Digital, “Well, since we have apprehended over 2 million aliens so far this year, which is a record, and the year is not over, and we set a single-day apprehension record just last week, I believe, that does not exactly scream that our borders are secure.”

That record was more than 8,000 aliens in just one day, not counting the “gotaways.” As to Kamala’s claim that the problem stems from Donald Trump’s administration, another border agent had a few words to say about that:

“This quote is more of the same old word salad responses that this vice president gives. She may be more delusional than [White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre]. In my 13 years, the border was never more secure than it was after President Trump finally had his policies put in place. The root cause of this invasion is this administration and handing out undeserved citizenship will continue to call in more illegal aliens, terrorists and MS-13 gang members.”

Since Biden took over the Oval Office, nearly three million migrants have been encountered by agents, according to Customs and Border Protection. Officials estimated more than 500,000 illegals slipped past agents in fiscal year 2022, which have been verified by cameras and other sensors. Another 55,000 “gotaways” happened each month this year, which doesn’t include those who were not detected by technology.

Still, Dems and progressives can’t see the true picture. Perhaps they should pay more attention to what John F. Kennedy had to say about immigration: “Part of the problem is there are people in Washington, D.C. in positions of power to whom the border is just a nuisance, and I think some of them believe that illegal immigration is a moral good. It is not. It undermines legal immigration.”

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