Okay, this one is going to make you sick. I apologize in advance.

Earlier this month, in an appearance on CNN, Professor Marc Lamont Hill referred to Steve Harvey, Jim Brown, Kanye West, and other black people who visited President Trump as “mediocre negroes.”

Yes. It actually happened. Don’t believe me? Watch the video.

For decades, the left has disparaged any black person who doesn’t subscribe to their ideology. For 40 years, the Democrats have enjoyed the black vote. Whenever they think their stranglehold on the black community is being threatened, they immediately go on the offensive.

It makes you wonder…what are they so afraid of?

Hill, a professor at Morehouse College, was a part of a panel discussion on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon. The panel also included Bruce Levell, the Executive Director of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump.

One of the topics of discussion was the President’s decision to meet with several prominent black people to discuss ways to improve the condition of the black community. Among Trump’s visitors were Comedian Steve Harvey, former football player and activist Jim Brown, Rapper Kanye West, and human rights advocate Martin Luther King III, who happens to be the son of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Each person who met with Trump had positive things to say about their meetings. You can already see where this is going, right? As you might imagine, this ignited an intensely heated argument.

It started when Hill criticized Trump’s decision to meet with black celebrities, not “experts.” Hill believed that Trump should have been meeting with policy experts who would “challenge the president at the table.”

He focused primarily on Steve Harvey, saying “My disagreement is the way in which he’s being used by folk like Donald Trump.” He went on to say that Trump’s choices of visitors were “demeaning,” “disrespectful,” and “condescending.”

Levell quickly challenged Hill on his assertion, pointing out that Hill wasn’t at the meeting, which means he doesn’t know what was said. Predictably, Hill reverted to that classic leftist tactic of shouting down Levell to prevent him from making his point. Levell told Hill that Trump was “bringing all types of people from all over the country, from all different backgrounds.”

Then, it got real. Hill responded with the following statement:

“Yeah. It was a bunch of mediocre negroes being dragged in front of TV as a photo-op for Donald Trump’s exploitative campaign against black people. And you are the prime example of that, sir.”

This is the type of soul-crushing ignorance that gets my blood boiling. Marc Lamont Hill and others like him are indicative of the left’s irrational hate against any black person who refuses to toe the Democratic line.

Apparently, black people are not allowed to think for themselves. For some reason, the color of our skin binds us irrevocably to the Democratic party and their dangerous ideology. Those who refuse to conform are the subjects of hostility.

They are called names like “coon,” “Uncle Tom,” or “sellout.” And now, thanks to the “brilliance” of Marc Lamont Hill, we have another name: “mediocre negroes!”

This is what I like to call “hypocritical tolerance.” And here is my definition:

Hypocritical tolerance is a mental condition that afflicts people on the left in a way that makes them feel that they are tolerant and inclusive. To them, anyone on the right is an evil, hood-wearing, puppy-kicking fascist who wants nothing more than to destroy everyone who isn’t straight, white, and Christian.

So, what are the symptoms of hypocritical malaise? People with this condition have been known to woo minorities with seemingly sincere declarations of diversity, tolerance, and inclusion. Doesn’t that sound lovely? I mean, these aren’t necessarily bad things, right?

Here’s the thing: it’s not true.

Many of them think they’re tolerant, but they’re not. If you happen to espouse a point of view that isn’t in line with their ideology, they transform — like Bruce Banner and the Hulk — into your worst enemy.

Instead of showing you acceptance, they lash out in anger. They smear you. They try to silence you.

Hill’s appearance on CNN is a prime example.

On the surface, this might not seem so ghastly. Just another angry leftist, right? But it’s much more insidious than that.

This is a tool that the left uses to keep “mediocre negroes” from diverging from the leftist narrative. They paint the offending individuals as people who shouldn’t be taken seriously because they are nothing but sellouts. It’s all an effort to keep black people from questioning Democrats.

Now, I don’t want you to think that ALL leftists suffer from this condition. They don’t. But most of the prominent leftists that you read in newspapers, watch on television, and listen to on the radio are more than willing to use this strategy.

Just look at the criticism Steve Harvey received. He was widely panned by the left for committing the cardinal sin of meeting with President Trump. You would think that he went out, got a big red swastika tattooed on his forehead, and started goose-stepping in Times Square.

It’s ridiculous. But mostly, it’s sad.

What makes matters worse is the fact that Marc Lamont Hill was dead wrong about Harvey. Hill doesn’t know anything about him. His remarks were nothing more than an uninformed, angry outburst.

What Hill didn’t bother to find out was that Steve Harvey isn’t just a comedian. He’s not just a talk show host.  For years, Harvey has dedicated his life to helping boys and girls in the inner city. Through his philanthropic foundation, he has helped mentor and train many children. He has changed lives.

As a matter of fact, he has probably done much more for the black community than Hill has ever done. Steve Harvey should be celebrated. Not reviled. Harvey was a great person for Trump to meet with because he knows what the inner city needs. He’s been working in the inner city for years.

Here’s the thing: Harvey is not a Trump supporter. He voted for Hillary Clinton. But he was big enough to not let his disagreements with the President keep him from trying to make a difference.

In the 60’s, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did the exact same thing. He met with President Lyndon Johnson several times to discuss civil rights.

While Johnson worked to pass the Civil Rights Act, he was also known to drop the “n-word” on a regular basis. Despite the revisionist history, LBJ  wasn’t entirely free of prejudice.

And King still met with him. Why? Because he wanted to get things done. He wanted a way to achieve better lives for African Americans.

And so the question obviously comes to mind: Does Hill think King was a “mediocre negro” too?

The black people that are meeting with Trump want the same thing. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with meeting with a President you disagree with to explore opportunities to help the black community.

Instead of being so quick to attack black people who are willing to work with the President, they should look deeper. What if something comes from these meetings that will benefit the black community? What if lives could be changed for the better?

Whether you’re a black conservative or just a black person who is open-minded, you shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. You shouldn’t be afraid to do what you think is necessary to make a difference. Don’t let the hypocritical tolerance of the left shame you into not doing what you feel is right.


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