Since President Donald Trump was elected in 2016, many on the left have become desperate. Not content to simply promote their ideology through political discourse, some are using more extreme measures to punish those who do not embrace left-wing views. A recent incident at a Whataburger restaurant in San Antonio illustrates this point.

Two Trump-supporting teenagers in Texas were subject to vicious bullying and even assault by an individual who felt it necessary to use violence to make his opinions on the president known. While the offender was eventually arrested, his actions represent the stance of many on the left when it comes to airing their political viewpoints known.

The Whataburger Incident

Recently, 30-year-old Kino Jimenez was captured on camera loudly berating 16-year-old Hunter Richard for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. Jimenez ripped the hat off Richard’s head while yelling at him. “F*ck the president,” Jimenez shouted before throwing his soda on the teenager and walking away with Richard’s hat. As he left, he said, “This is gonna go great in my mother f*cking fireplace, b*tch.”

In a video of the incident, the two kids appear to be stunned by Jimenez’s display. One of the boys retorted “Alright, have fun with it,” as the man walked out of the restaurant. The mother of one of the children posted the video on social media in an effort to identify the offender. When commenting on the incident, Richard condemned the attack. “I support my president, and if you don’t, let’s have a conversation about it instead of ripping my hat off,” he said. “I just think a conversation about politics is more productive for the entire whole rather than taking my hat and yelling subjective words to me.”

Jimenez was identified a few days later as a bartender at San Antonio establishment Rumble,  but he was fired after the video was published on social media.

Leftists Resort to Violence Against Trump Supporters

Since President Trump was elected, far left groups have embraced violence as a political strategy. Organizations like Antifa have viciously assaulted conservatives at rallies and speeches. There have also been several cases in which an individual leftist has decided to use force against his or her political opponents. Why is this happening? Perhaps it’s best to let someone who previously engaged in this kind of violence explain:

This man was convinced by the leftist establishment media that Trump was a virulent racist. He felt that violence against Trump supporters was justified because he saw them as evil. He’s not alone. Many on the left have either engaged in or supported violent actions against those with whom they disagree.

The reality is that the far left’s embrace of “democratic socialism” and victimhood mentality is unattractive to the majority of Americans. While people may agree with them on certain points, the left has taken their message so far to the extreme that most are not receptive to it. As a result, they have decided that it is easier to further their cause by preventing others from expressing their views.

This tendency can be seen in their efforts to disrupt conservative speeches on college campuses. It’s apparent in their censorship of prominent right-wingers on social media platforms. It’s on full display when they encourage boycotts against companies that refuse to bow to their political dogma.

Unfortunately for the Democrats and their left-wing followers, these tactics don’t help their cause. Indeed, justifying uncivil behavior, and even violence, has begun to backfire. Their hypocrisy when it comes to civil political discourse is repelling Americans, which is why so many are abandoning the left. Even sensible liberals have taken umbrage at the behavior of leftist leadership. However, the damage doesn’t just stop with the left.


The adoption of violent tactics has caused massive harm to the culture. It has become exceedingly difficult for Americans of differing political views to have logical conversations without devolving into mindless name calling and false accusations. While plenty of individuals on the right have contributed to the problem, over the past few decades it has primarily been the left who has used insults and defamation to attack their opposition. President Trump’s election was largely a repudiation of this behavior.

There is no telling when Americans will be able to get back to civil dialogue. It appears that the left is not willing to abandon their pernicious approach to political conversation. However, as the Democratic Party moves further to the left, more of them will become disgusted with the state of their movement. Until they purge their party of those who wish to push a form of cultural totalitarianism, it is unlikely that we will get back on track when it comes to the relationships between Americans. But as Isaac Asimov said, “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.”


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