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LN Web Gems 3.15.17: Politically Confused

Our spunky LN Writers offer up funny, outrageous and crazy tidbits from around the Web.  So many Gems, so little time…

American politics can be confusing. If the complicated political jargon and legalese don’t get you double speak will. To make matters considerably more confusing, many politicians viciously and loudly attack any slip-up from the opposing party, but pretend as if their own never happened.

She seems to forget that she refused to weigh in on Democratic Rep. Cedric Richmond’s sexist remark to Kellyanne Conway in the Oval Office. Apparently she didn’t hear the comment, though she still remained silent after being informed of the sexist remark.

It’s confusing enough when politicians flip-flop on an issue as if the rules of polite interaction only apply to one side of the fence, but wait, it gets worse. CNN’s Chris Cuomo doesn’t have the patience to flip-flop like a proper politician, and the results are impressively confusing.

Cuomo brings us a new level of insanity, but even he can’t top science educator, mechanical engineer and TV presenter turned political activist and professional speaker of nonsense, Bill Nye.

Thank you, Bill Nye, for warning us of the impending rise of the dandelions.

Tune in tomorrow for more gems from the web!

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