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Life in the Democrat Empire – LN Radio Videocast

Are you better off than you were four years ago?

Guest host Mark Angelides and a power-packed LibertyNation.com panel – Scott D. Cosenza, Graham Noble and Andrew Moran – discuss the state of the nation with Joe Biden in the White House, and Democrats holding majorities in the Senate and House. How has this been working out for Americans? We examine how your rights and liberties are fairing under this executive and legislative domination by Democrats. Also, what’s happening with the abandoned children at the border – and how much longer can this be a Trump blame game? Plus, how Supreme Court justices are for life, not just for Christmas –  or for when it’s politically expedient. And our panel analyzes the great American Exodus – Liberty in a U-Haul. Blue states are hemorrhaging people, and with New York City open for business, is there anyone left to spend their dollars?

Click for a podcast of this episode of LN Radio. For more episodes click here.

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