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LibertyNation.com Republishing Guidelines

Republishing Liberty Nation articles is permitted without expressed written permission provided that:

  • Your reprint occurs more than 24 hours after original publication. However, excerpts up to 80% of the article are permitted the day of publication.
  • If the full article is reprinted it must be republished “as is” without substitutions or changes and includes a hyperlink to LibertyNation.com
  • You notify the LN Editorial Department of your intention to republish the entire by emailing [email protected] This is not necessary for excerpts. The email need only include the URL where you plan to publish our article and express written consent from our Editorial Department is not needed.
  • Occasionally, Liberty Nation reprints an article from contributors with the consent of the author. These articles carry a specific copyright at the end and are not available for reprint.

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