Happy almost New Year. As we prepare to turn the page on 2017 we cannot say good-bye without assessing the winners and losers of the year. Thus, our creative cadre of Liberty Nation writers humbly offer the following for your assessment and perhaps your amusement as well.

Without further ado we present you the Liberty NationWinners and Losers for 2017:


by Leesa K. Donner

Under intense pressure by the NeverTrumpers, the so-called Resistance and even with the Sword of Damocles over his head with the Mueller investigation, President Trump came up big – or shall we say – HUGE this year.

Perhaps this was solidified by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) last week when he said, “Mr. President, I have to say that you are living up to everything I thought you would. You’re one heck of a leader and we’re all benefitting from it.”

Does anyone remember the doomsday preppers if Trump got elected? “The stock market will crash!” is but one of these brilliant predictions. Well, the Dow Jones is up 30% since his election. On the campaign trail, Mr. Trump touted “We are going to win again.” Thus far his prediction has proven true.

LOSER – The Establishment

By Graham Noble

What is the ‘establishment’? It is the institutions of American culture and politics that, through self-interest, maintain the status quo. The political class, the administrative state – also known as the ‘deep state’, which is the whole body of government bureaucrats and corporate lobbyists – traditional media and, for the most part, the entertainment industry; these are its pillars. In 2017, one of the biggest losers was the establishment itself. Through the eyes of those who belong to this elite club, President Donald Trump was an unexpected and – largely – unwanted leader. He has bucked the accepted way of doing business like never before and every day of his presidency is a loss for the establishment. Thus, my choice for Loser of 2017 is none other than The Establishment.


by Andrew Moran

He may have sputtered when he hopped off the Tea Party Train and arrived in the swamp in 2011, but Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) regained his credibility in 2017 – broken ribs and all.

Sen. Paul violated the 11th Commandment, slammed the neoconservatives, took the deep state to task, and demanded the return to fiscal sanity. He had an outstanding year in Washington and in the media. Paul was even a superstar on Twitter, when he tweeted, “You know you are in too many wars in too many places when even warmonger Lindsay Graham can’t keep track anymore.”

Paul may not be his father, Ron, but his record over the last year had many libertarians ponder: where the heck was this guy during the 2016 election campaign?


Tess Lynne

Mainstream media took a hit in 2017, but CNN was by far the biggest looser. Once the most trusted news source, the conglomerate sunk to becoming the biggest fake news producer, insulting their viewers and getting busted on undercover recordings from the American Pravda projects.

In August, John Blake boldly claimed President Donald Trump supporters were white supremacists by default. Associate producer Jimmy Carr said American voters are “stupid as shit,” and supervising producer, John Bonifield admitted CNN had nothing on the whole Russian collusion thing; that they kept reporting about it because it increased their ratings.

Kudos to CNN for becoming the most busted fake news source in 2017.

WINNER – The World

Mark Angelides

The whole world has won this year. There have been many negative things, but for once, there is hope that we can all return to a position where we are free to speak our minds, to exercise our rights without fear of persecution, and above all, we now know that we are not alone.

A mass uprising has taken place across the globe where people are now speaking out against the everyday injustices committed by an elitist group of Globalists. Throughout America, people are looking at Europe and figures like Nigel Farage and Viktor Orban and see them fighting the same battles. In Europe, souls who thought they were a minority are looking to America and seeing that the President of the United States is on their side.

This is a great year for the world because we all know that we are no longer alone in our struggle to be free people.

LOSER – Main Stream Media

By Scott Cosenza

“FBI deputy director, facing onslaught of GOP criticism, plans to retire”

This headline re Andrew McCabe from the Washington Post is everything you need to know about the mainstream media (MSM).  Instead of “Worst Manager in FBI History Since Waco” plans to resign, we get the above.  Busting the MSM on their hypocrisies, biases, and outright lies used to be more of a niche market.  Well-tended by a few stalwarts like the Media Research Center, that was before the grippe hit ‘em full on.  Once Trump Derangement Syndrome took purchase throughout every newsroom in the country, Fake News became so big they had to cover it themselves.

Democracy may die in darkness, but as long as only one group gets to hold the flashlight, no one’s walking in the light.  That’s why the MSM were such low down dirty losers in 2017.  The good news is that hope springs eternal, and losers are as losers do, so here’s hoping for winning in 2018!


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