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Liberty Nation: Daily Snapshot – 4.21.20

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Welcome to Liberty Nation’s Daily Snapshot. All the top news of the day, the latest polls, and more.

What’s happening in the political sphere – the hot stories making the news today.

  • President Trump has announced that he will be signing an Executive Order to suspend immigration to the United States temporarily. The media fallout has begun, and there are already suggestions that this will be challenged in the courts.
  • Reports suggest that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is suffering from complications after having heart surgery. Conflicting news sources are muddying the waters, and it is unknown how much of this is accurate, and how much is disinformation.
  • Oil prices have turned negative for the first time in history. The cost of a barrel of West Texas Intermediate (WTI), the U.S. oil benchmark, fell to minus $37.63 a barrel.
  • Talks on a deal to further fund the small business lending program have stalled after Democrats insisted on adding extra funds to go to state and local governments.

The latest polls and trends impacting the United States.

  • In a sure sign that identity politics has infected the Democratic Party, 61% of likely Democratic voters believe it is important for Joe Biden’s running mate to be a woman or person of color, with 35% who say it is very important.
  • 60% of Democratic voters believe that President Trump is more to blame for the Coronavirus predicament than China or the WHO.
  • 32% of all voters think the U.S. government’s response to the Coronavirus has been better than government actions in most other countries. 42% say it’s worse.
  • Just 18% of Democrats would take Hydroxychloroquine if they were diagnosed with the Coronavirus, perhaps proving that Trump Derangement Syndrome should be classed as a comorbidity.

Something political to ponder as you enjoy your morning coffee.

Did President Trump just save the global financial market? And did anyone notice? With oil dropping drastically in price yesterday, it is fair to say that the deal between Saudi Arabia and Russia, pushed through by the president, has bought the markets some time. As June contracts are starting (at $21 a barrel), there’s a good chance that a bounce-back will happen. So much of the economy is invested in fuel, from pensions to jobs, a collapse could have serious down-river impacts. Will Trump get credit from a biased media obsessed with bringing down fossil fuel?

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