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Political debate can be frustrating.

Well-meaning people on both the left and the right disagree sharply on how we should move our nation forward. Americans are currently engaged in vigorous debates on some of the most important issues facing the country.

Yes, political debate can cause frustration — but it is also necessary. Unfortunately, many on the left do not share this belief. For this reason, they resort to stifling the views of their political opponents using almost any means necessary.

The Left’s Recent Attacks On Free Speech

One of the left’s most recent — and frequent target, is political activist Pamela Geller, who is the co-founder of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI). The AFDI is an organization that combats radical Islamization in the United States.

Geller has been outspoken in her opposition to radical Islam, and she has become a controversial figure. Naturally, the left opposes anyone who speaks out against the threat of Islamic extremism.

The Daily Beast’s Taylor Lorenz recently penned an article titled “The Instagram Stars Hiding Their Famous Muslim-Hating Mom, Pamela Geller,” that revealed the social media identities of Geller’s four daughters, who had not previously disclosed their relationship to their mother. The four young women likely did not want to expose their link to Geller because of the death threats she receives from Islamic extremists.

True to form, many leftists attacked them on social media, calling them names like “racist bitch,” and “swine.” The sisters also had a YouTube talk show called “The Morning Breath,” which was owned by Oath, who canceled the show after The Daily Beast’s article was published.

A spokesperson told The Daily Beast that they have also launched an internal investigation and will take “other appropriate steps based on the results of the investigation.” It is not yet known whether the company will continue to employ the sisters.

While the sister’s social media accounts are rarely political, TMZ managed to dig up some old tweets. In 2014, 23-year-old Claudia tweeted, “I can’t help but feel like I’m funding terrorism when I take a cab.” In 2012, she tweeted, “controversial tweet #2: #Obama is a #Muslim!!!! YA I SAID IT.” Lastly, in another 2012 tweet, she wrote, “The reason you are still standing on the corner looking for a cab is that it’s a Muslim ‘holiday.’”

Oshry later took to Instagram to post a video apologizing for her comments. “some news was broke this morning about who my mom is, and then some really disgusting, vile, stupid tweets of mine resurfaced,” said a teary-eyed Oshry.” “I need to just come right out and say how sorry I am. It’s not cool, it’s not funny. I was a dumb kid. I was 16 [and] I thought I was being funny and cool on Twitter and it’s not.”

The Left Is Trying To Destroy Diversity Of Thought

The left’s willingness to dox those with whom they disagree is an example of the lengths to which they will go to intimidate conservatives into remaining silent on their political views. While Oshry’s comments were reprehensible, she made them when she was still a teenager. Moreover, The Daily Beast’s action is far more disgusting than any of Oshry’s tweets. They are fully aware of the fact that Geller receives death threats from Muslim extremists — and we have seen them retaliate against people who criticize them.

Filmmaker Theo Van Gogh and journalists at the Charlie Hebdo offices were murdered by Islamic extremists for producing works critical of Islam. The Daily Beast’s reckless decision to expose Geller’s daughters to this type of violence is morally repugnant. Unfortunately, this story is not the only example of the lengths to which the left is willing to go to silence their opposition.

Hard left groups like Antifa spent much of 2017 physically assaulting Trump supporters under the guise of fighting fascism. Leftist-owned social media companies routinely remove conservative content while promoting left-wing views. Google has also been accused of massaging their search results to promote left-wing ideas. On college campuses, the left has suppressed conservative voices by discriminating against right-leaning professors, making it difficult for conservative speakers to give presentations, and exclusively promoting left-wing ideas.

Will The Left’s Plan Succeed?

To be fair, there are plenty of leftists who believe in free speech and allowing all views to be heard. Unfortunately, there are enough individuals on the left who wish to destroy political discourse by preventing conservatives from expressing their views.

The fact that a publication like The Daily Beast is willing to put the lives of four young women in danger should be alarming to all conservatives and others who value the free exchange of ideas. It is reflective of the cultural totalitarianism that the left has employed to promote their worldview.

People on the right must not become complacent — the left sure isn’t. They are pushing their agenda by preventing conservatives from opposing them. If they succeed, the conservative movement will die.

Here’s a silver lining — there are many right-leaning Americans who see what is happening and they are working to expose the left’s behavior. This is one of the reasons why the Democrats are in power. However, we must continue to call out the left’s silencing of our voices. Otherwise, the victories we have won will be short-lived.


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