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Leftists Run Amok: HRC, Weinstein, Navvaro and More

by | Oct 16, 2017 | Satire

Democrats were horrified this week as President Donald Trump ended subsidies to health insurance companies. Ponder, for a moment, the alternate universe we live in when Democrats are angered because a Republican scrapped a corporate welfare program. This would be like Republicans objecting to a Democrat bill to ban abortion. Nothing makes much sense, anymore.

Former President Barack Obama had a maxim that he rarely broke: Why do something legally and constitutionally when you can do it illegally and unconstitutionally? The subsidies were never authorized by Congress. The Obama White House turned the Treasury Department into an ATM for insurance companies. The move was ruled illegal. Did the subsidies keep the cost of insurance down? No, they did not; they merely slowed the rate of price increase for some Americans.

What’s His Name?

Anna Navarro is a smart cookie. She appeared on CNN Thursday to talk NFL with conservative pundit Ben Ferguson. Ferguson pointed out that wannabe quarterback Colin “Shaft” Kaepernick never took his protest beyond the football field by attending Black Lives Matter rallies. He also suggested that some NFL players who took a knee during the national anthem were “frauds” because they didn’t even vote. Navarro just about had a fit. She objected to Ferguson – a white dude – assuming he could tell black people how they should protest. “Who died and made you the judge of blackness – to tell Colin what’s-his-name that the fact he voted or not allows him to have a political opinion?”

Yes. Colin what’s-his-name. The new idol of the social justice movement and Navarro calls him “what’s-his-name.” Perhaps Anna doesn’t like to mention Colin’s last name; it’s not a name that suggests a long family history of enslavement, after all.Harvey Weinstein

Weinstein: Fallen God of the Oscars

Former movie executive and big-time Democratic Party donor Harvey Weinstein is still one of the biggest stories around. Some conservatives are almost gloating over his fall from grace. Leftists are trying desperately to change the subject. Other than the fact that the Hollywood set covered up – or, at least, ignored – Weinstein’s disgusting behavior for decades, the whole affair hints at the possibility of Weinstein being just one of many serial sexual predators in tinsel town.

A 2015 study noted that, during Oscars award ceremonies, Harvey Weinstein had been thanked more times than God. This is quite understandable, though, since no-one in Hollywood has ever been touched by God.

Hillary Forgets Who’s President

Meanwhile, a dear friend of Weinstein’s, Hillary Clinton, refused to answer a question about whether she had been aware of his transgressions while she hung out with him at parties and took his money. Instead, she decided to point out how awful it is that we would allow a “sexual assaulter” into the White House. Yes, you read that correctly: Hillary Clinton, wife – and staunch defender – of Bill Clinton, tells us how terrible it would be if we had a sexual predator as president. Actor Jodie Foster was asked to respond to Clinton’s comment:


The silver lining of this cloud is that no Hollywood star will ever again be able to lecture the rest of us about what is, and is not, culturally acceptable. Not without being roundly mocked, anyway. For decades, the left has been slowly winning the culture way but, increasingly, it is losing the credibility war.

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