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Is Pelosi’s Run Finally Over?

by | Apr 28, 2018 | Narrated News, The Left

Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is feeling the wrath of too many years in the public domain as she is stumping for the Democrats touting their newer, new deal.

Recently, she entered the storied halls of Georgetown University with hopes to rally the fresh-faced, moldable minds, in supporting her brand of socialism; and was sorely disappointed, sparking pundits and party officials to hint that the maven of misspeak might see the end of a lengthy career in pork-filled politics.

Pelosi, not known for her oratory skills, was visibly taken aback when one student, Sam, questioned her choice of verbiage when referring to her declaration that “crumbs” were the only benefit of the Republican’s historic tax reform.  The student wondered, out loud, (Oh, the horror!) if she wanted to walk that statement back.   She was thoroughly schooled, at school:

“As the son of small business owners, I know that it’s helped my parents hire more employees. It’s helped us pay off our mortgage, helped put me through college. Would you still refer to the effects of this tax plan on average Americans as ‘crumbs?'”

She reluctantly admitted, after attempting to engage her brain for an eloquent answer, that “Yes there are some benefits that some are feeling in a particular way with the tax bill.” Whether or not she is feeling the relief on her paltry $196 million-dollar net worth wasn’t confirmed.

She touched on the topic of abortion briefly, stating as a Catholic, she followed the Church’s doctrine but would not let that get in the way of protecting abortion rights.

And when queried about disruptions on campuses, shouting down potential speakers, clearly violating the 1st Amendment, she offered this sage response, “Put me down as one who just says, ‘Don’t make a fuss. If somebody’s gonna come and speak, just let ‘em speak.’”

She was incredibly polite during the entire Town Hall, so there’s that.

Politics aren’t as Usual These Days

Pelosi, the matriarch of Capitol Hill, must be sensing the unrest of the heirs apparent in the microcosm that is California’s 12th District—entirely within the city limits of San Francisco.  And she has felt the wrath of her own people grow more intense over the last few years.

Last fall, while holding a press conference to discuss a DACA deal negotiated with President Trump, illegal immigrant activists, assumed to be friendly and eye candy for news cameras became restless with her political rhetoric.  The event spiraled out of control and Pelosi was made to leave while illegals shouted at her retreat with derisive remarks, “Liar, liar,” and chants of “leave office.”  Democrat politicians are not accustomed to the hate spewed by unruly demographics; the powerful blocks of hate they have created.

Pelosi has a target on her back, and recent polling (if you believe they are accurate) points to an all-time low in respect from colleagues and popularity numbers:

“In the latest WSJ/NBC News poll, Mrs. Pelosi has a 21% positive rating—lower than the NRA (37%), Donald Trump (37%) and the GOP (30%). There aren’t many warm, fuzzy feelings associated with Mrs. Pelosi, who even some progressives blame for failing to recover from large House losses in 2010. As Oregon Democrat Kurt Schrader, who used to lead the 18-member-weak Blue Dog Coalition, quipped: ‘I have liberals back home, the one thing they really like about me is the fact that I voted against Nancy.’”


Should I Stay or Should I go Now?

It was one of many red flags that points to the end of Pelosi’s domination within the Democratic Party.

But the most glaring traitor to Pelosi is turning out to be the mainstream, leftist media; who are beginning the drumbeat for resign and retire.  From cable programs to print dynasties, Pelosi’s future is being outwardly questioned.  There are a lot of “ifs” in the new narrative constructed by the Democrats, but the consensus appears to be that IF they take back the House, Pelosi will not retake her leadership position, and there might be a retirement party already in the works.  The left are cannibalizing their own, and Republicans should set the table for the feast.

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