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Irony Alert: Company Built on the Profits of War Goes Woke

When your business builds the most fearsome weapons of war, but you’re concerned about offending people.

Can anyone ever be truly “woke”? The answer is no. It is a purity test that can never be passed; not by any individual, any company, or any activist movement. The rules are constantly changing as those who make boat-loads of money setting those rules continue to discover new and ingenious ways of being outraged and offended. The entire concept of wokeness is, quite frankly, ridiculous, but defense contractor Raytheon Technologies has pushed the boundaries of self-delusion to new limits by going full woke. That’s right – a company devoted to developing new and more effective ways of killing people suddenly believes it has a conscience.

Raytheon’s brand new employee handbook boasts a “commitment to diversity and inclusion,” but draws heavily on critical race theory, which at its core teaches that every white person is racist, from the moment they are born, and that every single action they take or decision they make throughout their entire lives will be based, to an extent, upon their racial prejudices. Inclusion, then, is the very last thing that critical race theory attempts to achieve. It’s pretty scary to think that the people who are developing some of the most powerful weapon systems on the planet are this witless.

Surely, They Jest

That Raytheon has gone woke is a story one might expect to read in The Babylon Bee. The company’s research and development has been instrumental in the killing of who knows how many people, most of them with a skin color other than white. So now Raytheon is trying to indoctrinate its employees to think, speak, and act in ways that will never offend people of color. The most effective way to offend people of color, of course, is to kill them, which makes Raytheon quite possibly the least woke company in the entire world.

The aforementioned employee guide instructs workers to “identify everyone’s race” during workplace conversations. Throughout, it lectures white employees, who apparently are privileged because of their skin color, to “step aside” for their minority colleagues. It tells them to “give the floor in meetings or calls [to minority employees], even if it means silencing yourself.” Preaching “inclusion” while demanding that members of one particular race shut the hell up and stand aside is something over which the philosophers of the future will scratch their heads, no doubt.

One thing the handbook probably does not explain is that the surest way to limit the opportunities of non-whites – to exclude them and to oppress them – is to take their lives, using the guns and bombs developed by Raytheon Technologies. Is the almost unbearable irony of it all not registering with anybody at this company? Have they not yet figured out that, short of shutting down all of Raytheon’s current operations, they will never be woke and will never be advancing the cause of “equity”? Literally, the company profits from the killing of, mostly, non-white people, which makes it about as woke as the Ku Klux Klan. But then again, in all fairness; can anyone ever be truly “woke”? Again, the answer is no.


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