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Hunter Biden, Poor Sportsmanship, and Facebook Fizzles

It looks as if the media may be reconsidering that pesky laptop.

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Heartlanders, even the most patient of folk, spent the week wondering who let the gates of the asylum wide open. They robustly discussed one mega-billionaire who felt the pinch of inflation and woke decisions — generally reserved for the middle class. A few snide remarks were levied after a charity ball game in the Swamp pitted out-of-shape Democrats against their more physically fit Republicans. Finally, the Gray Lady pulled an abrupt about-face on a storyline involving the troubled First Son, Hunter Biden. Well, it’s summertime, and the living is easy, as the song goes.

Facebook Freak-Out

Mark Zuckerberg, the fearless CEO of Facebook, is wondering what the heck happened. Since the beginning of 2022, shares have lost approximately half their value – according to the most recent published report. Also, the juggernaut of social media platforms had a drop in revenue and a poorer-than-usual outlook for the future. Adding insult to injury for the Zuck, shares fell by 5.65 percent in intraday trading on Thursday of this week.

[substack align=”right”]Zuckerberg sprang into action and was on a phone call with analysts lickity-split. The message: “This is a period that demands more intensity, and I expect us to get more done with fewer resources.” Of course, no one with a bank balance of less than a million dollars – and that’s a lot of people – gave a good gosh darn.

In Albuquerque, NM, Doris Donaldson Harper reminded the fuming Facebook founder, “Not just FB facing losses — most of us are.” There was also a mention or two of potential over-the-top reporting by the tech giant. Alan Hyatt observed from Iowa, LA, “When will we learn that FB has grossly overstated their user base to manipulate their stock value the same way Twitter apparently did?”

To which Michael Blasdel in Metropolis, IL, offered a way for Zuck to get around the alarming news: “Just employ the Biden Administration tactics and say Facebook has had an increase in revenue. Then, redefine what a drop in revenue means.”

Changes Their Tune on Hunter Biden

A New York Times columnist, Thomas Friedman, had folks across red states wondering what the drive-by media was up to now because he agreed the Hunter Biden laptop story was worthy of a good investigation. On the political program, Squawk Box, Friedman changed the tune he had been whistling for the past 24 months. Host Joe Kernen asked Friedman “whether the president’s son benefitted from influence peddling or whether even the president himself may have benefitted, President Biden himself, from influence peddling? Is it a story?”

“Absolutely,” Friedman replied.

Well, that was an absolute 180-degree turn. And flyover folks were immediately suspicious there was more to the story – like West Salem, OH, patriot Janet Orr: “There is ALWAYS a political motive and strategy behind ANYTHING the Left does! They know O’Biden is HUGE liability for them! In dumping him before the November elections, they think it will help them politically!” Obviously, the capital letters were a hint of her frustration. About 200 miles away, in Cincinnati, Christopher Kent agreed and used big letters as well: “They only want Biden out NOW! That’s why…they have no conscience or integrity, just agenda!”

Unfortunately for Hunter Biden and his pops, it looks as if there is some reconsidering going on in the media regarding that pesky laptop.

Democrats Foul Out

Ah, the famous Congressional Baseball Game between the two major political parties is designed for folks to put aside their differences and have some fun for a good cause. In this year’s match-up, three good causes — the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation, and the Washington Literacy Center.

The sixth inning was when Representative Linda Sanchez (D-CA) got a lead-off walk. She was immediately pulled for a pinch runner. As she ambled her way to the Democrats’ dugout, she flipped the bird to the Republican team. Well, the Democrats were down 5-0 at the time.

In the Bluegrass state, Wanda Atwell mused, “She’s just showing that she is ‘low class.’ Doesn’t play well with others.” And Texan Barry Biklen offered, “Pretty much sums up the difference between today’s character level of the Democrats and that of the Republicans.”

And wouldn’t you know it, the night’s final score was Republicans 10, Democrats – a big fat zero.

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