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Hundreds of Children Still Not Reunited – Can You Say “Trafficked”?

As the complicit media gloat with soul-starved eyes that hundreds of migrant children have yet to be reunited with their families, the desperate urge to squeeze every last drop of humanity out of their viewers has perhaps taken them down a dark path of brittle “truths” and callous disregard.

Former presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton seems determined to keep this in the public eye as she recently tweeted:

It’s more important than ever this week to remember the children who have still not been reunited with their families after this administration separated them at the border months ago. Vote to repudiate this horrendous policy. Vote to reject the bigotry that led to it.

The hundreds of children who remain in government custody do not do so because of foot-dragging by the Trump administration, but rather for a far more sordid reason that the brutal Golems of CNN would prefer not to address: These children have been trafficked and abandoned.

Unclaimed and Unloved

[perfectpullquote align=”right” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”24″]These children have not been sent on their way to a happy, loving family reunion… [/perfectpullquote]

When San Diego district court judge Dana Sabraw ruled in favor of the ACLU and set a deadline for the immigrant children being held in detention centers to be reunited with their families, many on the left and the right of the political spectrum cheered. Yet the loudest, and crassest, cheers were heard from the pits of partisan depravity otherwise known as the mainstream media.

This joyless chorus had one more stick with which to beat the president, and as the deadline passed, they chose to double-down on the idea that President Trump just hates kids – especially if they are not white.

But behind this shrieking veil of self-righteous, feigned indignation is a different story, one that the purveyors of lies know all too well. These children have not been sent on their way to a happy, loving family reunion because they were victims of a crime that is purposely ignored or dismissed as fantasy by the left: They were trafficked or unwanted.

The Bitter Truth

Health and Human Services has been tasked with reuniting children with their parents, and in the cases where documentation is not available – for which there could be many reasons – they have turned to DNA testing. What they discovered was quite disturbing.

Not all the parents claiming a biological connection to the children actually had one. We know full well that human traffickers use the porous southern border as a method of bringing in children for pedophile prostitution and sale. The children going unclaimed, and those without any other connection, could well be victims who have avoided a fate worse than death.

Naturally, rights groups have called out the testing of children in the name of consent and privacy, which are issues well worth considering, but in the absence of an actual guardian, surely someone must take responsibility for ensuring these innocents are safe from exploiters.


And what of those who just haven’t been claimed? Is it possible that these future voters just took an opportunity to abandon children? Or is it that children were stolen for the purpose of gaining entry into the United States and then abandoned as they were no longer needed. Are some parents in Mexico left forever wondering what became of their sons and daughters?

In a political world where narrative comes before all else, there is a danger that victims will be created. By pushing for poll points, using the judicial system for biased lawfare, those who have forced the government’s hand in reuniting children under an unrealistic deadline have shown that they are willing to risk child exploitation. But what does that really matter to people who live in an arena of publicity and headlines? After all, those are not their children

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