“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Josef Goebbels

Many black Americans are afraid. They fear some of the same things as other Americans. Blacks are afraid of losing loved ones. They’re concerned about their kids. They worry about the state of the country.

But they are also afraid of things that might not be relevant to other Americans. They are afraid of getting killed by police. Many blacks worry that they will be discriminated against when they go to their local Starbucks to get a cup of coffee. Some are afraid that the entire country is out to get them.

These fears are mostly unfounded. Indeed, the idea that the majority of blacks are subjected to these things on a daily basis is absurd – and yet so many still believe it. This belief does not persist because blacks are not intelligent. It is because we have been told these lies nearly every day since we were children.

The Left Paints A Picture of Everyday Oppression

Whenever an event that involves racism captures the attention of the American public, the left works hard to twist it into a lie that supports their narrative of victimhood and oppression. In some of these stories, there are legitimate instances of racism. In others, not so much. However, the left-wing news media never fails to use them to convince black Americans – as well as the rest of the public – that these stories are happening all across the country on a daily basis.

Fearing the White Neighbors

In a recent story circulating around Facebook, a black man named Sean Carter posted a picture of a package at his doorstep. He indicated that he lived in a suburban neighborhood with many white residents. UPS had mistakenly delivered someone else’s parcel to his address. Carter went on to explain why he would not walk over to the neighbor’s house to give him the package.

Carter stated that he was unwilling to return the package – or have his sons do it for him – because he was afraid. Why? In his words, “the answer is because we’re black.” He stated that “it’s extremely unsafe to send our boys to the home of any family that we don’t know in this predominantly white neighborhood.”

So what is Carter afraid of? He claims that there is “a realistic chance” that a neighbor would call the police when they see him or one of his sons walking through the neighborhood – or worse, confront them with a firearm. In his post, he referenced the story of Brennan Walker, a 14-year old black kid who was almost shot when he approached a home in Rochester Hills, MI to ask for directions.

He seems to believe that the same fate will befall him or one of his sons if he dares to take the package back to his neighbor. He explained that he will leave the package on his porch until UPS comes to pick it up. He concludes by writing, “THIS is what it’s like to be black in ‘post racial’ America.”

Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” Video

Rapper and actor Donald Glover – AKA Childish Gambino – recently released a music video on YouTube titled “This Is America.” The video has been viewed millions of times and has been the subject of intense conversations. The video deals with issues such as rioting, police brutality, gun violence, materialism, and superficiality in the black community.

While many do not fully understand the video, it does make some decent points. Unfortunately, it also promotes the notion that most black Americans experience violence, death, and police brutality on a daily basis. While the chaos ensues in the background, Childish Gambino repeats “This Is America.”

This Is Not America

Stories such as these are typically used by the left to make black Americans afraid. They want us in fear of our lives. They want us to worry about racial discrimination by pretending that all of us deal with bigotry and oppression every day.

However, the left’s narrative is a lie.

The left wants us to believe that police officers are slaughtering black Americans on a daily basis despite the fact that we represented 7,881 of 15,070 homicide deaths in 2016. The majority of these victims were killed by other blacks. In contrast, only 169 unarmed blacks were killed by the police – and this includes both justified and unjustified shootings.

While the issue of police killing innocent blacks is important, the actual number is minuscule compared to how many are killed by other blacks. All of these lives matter, but the left only cares about the ones taken by law enforcement. Why? Because these are the lost lives that they can use to make blacks afraid of whites.

Contrary to what Carter and others believe, the data shows that it is highly unlikely that a black man would be murdered by the police or racist white neighbors. Indeed, a black man is more likely to be murdered by another black man than law enforcement or murderous whites. Nevertheless, the myth of the bloodthirsty police and crazed white neighbors persists.

Fear is one of the most potent manipulation tools available to any political movement. By making people afraid, politicians can offer security as a trade for liberty – a deal that nets them more power and influence. When it comes to black Americans, the left has used the fear of white racism to compel us to vote for Democratic politicians who enact policies that subject us to more violence. Like the dancers in Childish Gambino’s video, they use white racism to distract us from the real situation: Black Americans represent more than half of all homicide victims in the United States. Most of these individuals are killed by other blacks. But the Democrats don’t care – and that’s just one more reason for us to reject them.


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Jeff Charles

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