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Heartlanders Not Pledging Allegiance to the Rainbow Flag

Teachers going gaga for gays and Lindsey Graham going gaga for Biden.

by | May 14, 2022 | Columns, Opinion, Politics

Editor’s Note: From the Back Forty is Liberty Nation’s longest-running and most popular weekly column. Capturing the truth each week from heartlanders in flyover states, LN gives voice to the hard-working Americans otherwise ignored by the coastal elites.

A week of relative quiet kept flyover folks focused on the issues more local; is the ground dry enough to plant? What are the latest price gouges of garden supplies? And, of course, pain at the gas pump. But here and there, slipped into the random national news without fanfare, were a couple of insidious actions by the left that sent some heartlanders into a fury. One state went too far in the quest to be liked by the alphabet gang, a former Trump ally wooed the Biden Bunch, and it seems the press minx has finally left the White House.

What the Actual Heck?

Heartlanders rebelled against what some have said was only a matter of time: American school children pledging allegiance to the LGBTQ+ rainbow flag. The latest example happened in Maryland. Montgomery County Public School’s Cedar Grove elementary school posted this message on its PTA Facebook page: “[we] will be celebrating love, respect, and tolerance: by use of video with students holding Pride flags while pledging, ‘Love, Respect, Freedom, Tolerance, Equality, and Pride.’” Why they can’t do the same waving Old Glory is a mystery.

What seems an isolated occurrence is not so much. In California, an elementary school teacher removed the stars and stripes and replaced it with the rainbow flag, insisting the US flag made her uncomfortable. Kristin Pitzen, an avid TikTok poster, brazenly (or stupidly) recorded a self-guided classroom video tour to show off her Gay Pride paraphernalia last year. “Happy Pride, everyone, it’s June 1, the start of Pride Month, here’s what I got going in my classroom … I pledge allegiance to the queers.”

But then there are the less-common libs that are not randomly popping up in pledge of gay allegiance videos. Former presidential wannabe and current Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg’s wife, Chasten, once was a counselor at a gay and transgender teen summer camp. In an Amazon documentary, a video shows the misses reciting with happy campers the following: “I pledge my heart to the rainbow of the Not So Typical Gay Camp. One camp, full of pride, indivisible, with affirmation and equal rights for all.”

In Laurel, MS, one patriot, Pat Herrington Smith, spoke for the whole:

“I’m not against anyone gay or straight, but this is America where we enjoy more freedoms than anywhere in the world. But, unfortunately, that rainbow flag wasn’t the one my uncles fought under.”

Those 31 original pledge words were once the most powerful uniter.

What Did You Do?

GettyImages-1396508647 Lindsay Graham

Lindsay Graham (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

After the man appeared to praise the president, some heartlanders hurled a few colorful monikers and insults at the gentleman from South Carolina, Sen. Lindsay Graham. Heard in recently released tapes after the Jan. 6 debacle, Graham assured New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin that “we will come out of this stronger,” and dilli-dallied a bit, then continued, “People will say ‘I don’t want to be associated with that.’” Okay, not horrible, but what came next? Martin says, “Biden will help that out.” And Graham, to the dismay of flyover folks, replied: “Totally. He may be the best person to have, right. I mean, how mad can you get at Joe Biden?”

Hmm. Apparently, given the president’s recent polling, large numbers of people have gotten pretty darn mad. Beth Jenks in Greenville, MS, reminded, “he is all blow and no go.” In Peoria, IL, Cheryl Grant called him something different from a RINO: “Graham is a Warhawk and knew that Biden would get us entangled somewhere. No wonder he backed him.”


She hinted. She teased. She made a plan, and this week marks the last we will see of the red-headed spinner of White House convenient messaging. Off to NBCUniversal’s streaming platform, Peacock, and maybe to spend more time with her two kids and husband. And as Laura Coffman Leece commented, “I hope she doesn’t circle back.”

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