Liberty Nation reporters were on the ground to capture the Free Tommy Robinson rally in London. As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so here we present you with a series of photos taken by LN at the event.

A crowd begins to assemble is Trafalgar square:

Marching down Whitehall:

The crowd listens to speeches by key figures like Geert Wilders, Raheem Kassam and people close to Tommy:

A police line keeps a relatively small group of counter-protestors far away:

A small group of aggressive Tommy supporters clash with police after most people have gone home. After initial scuffles, violence is kept to a minimum and events gradually wind down:

Liberty Nation reporters will always do our best to bring you the plain and unvarnished truth. These photos represent the rally as we witnessed it; no more, no less, no agenda. The truth is making a comeback.


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Eclectic in interests and political philosophies, Laura came to journalism after years of working as an educator. Her background as a historian has informed her research and writing styles, as well as her approach to current affairs. Born and raised in Australia, Laura currently resides in Great Britain.



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Socio-political Correspondent