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Former WH Doc Demands Biden Undergo a Performance Enhancing Drug Test

As the debate looms, serious questions arise about what drugs the president may be taking.

With the first presidential debate just days away, former White House Physician Ronny Jackson urgently called for President Biden to undergo a drug test to check for PEDs (Performance-enhancing drugs). Citing national security, Jackson, who served as White House physician under Presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump, sounded the alarm bells yesterday, June 23, on FOX’s Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo.

At issue is the president’s uneven performance at multiple events, sometimes appearing frozen, confused, and wandering. At other times, he is on point but with a palpable agitation that makes him sound and look irate. The doctor’s request for drug testing comes as White House officials claim the multiple videos of the president’s public performance are “cheap fakes.”

Jackson, now a Republican congressman from Texas, told Bartiromo: “I don’t need to tell you, your viewers, or anybody else in this country that we have a serious problem here. Everyone knows it now, and you don’t have to be a physician for the president to see what’s going on right now.” Jackson said he’s papered the White House with five previous letters requesting the president undergo cognitive and PED drug testing. He says all have been ignored.

Today, June 24, he plans to send another letter to the president, the current White House physician, and all the cabinet members. He says he will be demanding Mr. Biden submit to PED testing both before and after the debate.

Drug Test – Lots to Look For

Jackson speculated that with Biden spending the whole week at Camp David, part of the run-up to the debate could be testing the president’s reaction to different drugs and “getting the dosage just right.” Some drugs can help with cognition or “getting him to think straight,” as Jackson put it, as well as medications to keep him alert and yet another to help with his agitation.

Reviewing Biden’s performance at the State of the Union, the doctor said medical experts probably didn’t get his medication right because “he came out and he was obviously much more alert, but he was a yelling angry old man.” Having served under three previous presidents, the Texas physician made the point that the presidency is a demanding job, and the office requires someone who can function without the use of performance-enhancing drugs, which is why he believes the drug test is so crucial.

Bartiromo recalled talking to Dr. Greg Murphy, the chairman of the GOP doctors caucus, who believed the president was “jacked up” for the State of the Union event. Among the medications that the president may be prescribed is Aricept, a common pharmaceutical used to treat those with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. To increase alertness, Adderall or other types of amphetamine drugs could be employed to keep the president on point and focused. Finally, there are medications that will tamp down the agitation so that the president does not appear angry. Such a medical cocktail is tricky to get just right due to onset times, interactions, duration, and potential side effects. Jackson continued:

“It’s dangerous not just for him. I would say it’s dangerous for our country. I mean, we need a commander in chief, we need a head of state that can function on a day-to-day basis without being medicated, and that’s why this drug test is important because if he gets up there and he looks like he did at the State of the Union where he’s like Dr. Murphy said ‘all jacked up,’ the American people are going to realize that something’s going on. That is not the Joe Biden that we see on a day-to-day basis. On a day-to-day basis, we see a Joe Biden who struggles to stay awake, he looks sleepy, he slurs his speech, he shuffles when he walks … “

Even those on the left appear disturbed by the president’s everyday appearance, which seems to have eroded during his time in office. President Biden’s health has consumed much of the conservative media, and now there appears to be a few on the left who are calling for him to step out of the presidential race, fearing that his cognitive issues are too big a hurdle for voters in the upcoming election. Such as it is, Mr. Biden’s health has been comical at times and profoundly sad at others. A drug test appears to be in order, but it’s doubtful the president or his physician will acquiesce to such a demand.

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