Another politician has discovered that the use of social media is not a safe space for showcasing your genius on controversial issues.   Representative Val Demings (D-FL), a member of the Homeland Security Committee, posted a photo of herself, looking chic and sassy in a designer suit, sporting a Junior League sleek bob, addressing the faithful on responsible gun ownership.  Her post description said she was “standing up against the gun lobby” (presumably the NRA), which to her surprise, inadvertently invited one Facebooker to call her out on her own lack of responsibility.

Stephen Mercer, a constituent of the Congresswoman, and proponent of the Second Amendment posted a zinger in response to the self-righteous Demings, “Hey Val.. have they found that gun that was stolen out of your car??? Let’s talk responsible gun ownership first before we take on other points.”

The incident of which Mercer refers, happened in 2009 when Demings was Chief of Police in Orlando:

Someone broke into Demings’ Chevy Tahoe the night of Feb. 27 and stole a duffel bag she had placed on the floor of the vehicle. The bag contained her agency-issued 9 mm Sig Sauer gun, ammunition, handcuffs, and baton.

An internal-affairs investigator gave Orlando Police Chief Val Demings a “written censure” as punishment for not properly securing her gun in her car.

Well, darn it, that does raise an eyebrow.  Some criminal Yahoo is running amok with a Sig Sauer because Demings was, uh oh, an irresponsible gun owner.  An irresponsible officer of the law, and the police chief to boot.

She was apparently peeved at the reminder of her negligent past and fired back with what must be ranked the second most dimwitted deed of her public career, replying, “Teach me how to be PERFECT Stephen because obviously, YOU are. My First Amendment right is DIFFERENT from yours. You are wasting your time.”

Exactly what does that mean, Congresswoman?  James Madison was clear in his intentions when he penned the First Amendment and didn’t refer to any excluded or ‘different’ peoples.   In the quest to dispel any lingering confusion, one news organization made a valiant attempt to track down the super special legislator and get the inside dope, if, in fact, it was just a case of ‘congressional speak’ ambiguity:

The Daily Wire reached out to Demings via Twitter, Facebook, and her Washington D.C. office. While we were never able to speak with Demings herself, we did speak with her communications director, Caroline Rowland.

When asked if Demings could speak about the remarks she made on Facebook, Rowland simply stated: “No, she will have no comment on that. Thank you,” before quickly hanging up the phone.

We may never know why Demings has self-declared different rights.  But what can we expect from a former law enforcement officer who praised the violent protests on the U.C. Berkeley campus, as “a beautiful sight.”  Perhaps she was confused about that as well.  Demings was speaking at a hearing on Trump’s travel ban when she glorified the beatings, arson, and mayhem.  Although an incredibly stupid observation — there was a clear, discernible problem (at least for those of us who follow current events); the riots were in opposition to Milo Yiannopoulos speaking on campus—not Trump’s executive order.   Mainstream media and social media consultants are a dime a dozen, Congresswoman. You would be wise to hire one, preferably yesterday, or immediately before you gag on the foot that is perpetually in your mouth.  It’s your call if you want to stay in the game and be relevant or not, and merely continue down the road you are on to political obscurity.

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