Seattle has become yet another battleground as the left showed up in droves to protest a peaceful get together on the freedom of speech. The rally, which The Seattle Times described as starting out peacefully, soon broke into bedlam as protestors entered the political arena.

Five people were arrested for disorderly conduct; however, at this point, we do not know from which side of the political barricade these arrests took place. American flags were burned, and insults and pepper spray flew freer than the right of free speech.

The chaos came roughly 75 minutes in, despite officers’ efforts to keep at a distance a couple of hundred protesters who far outnumbered the pro-Trump crowd. Those protesters came to denounce the president and promote a variety of anti-capitalist or pro-civil-rights themes.

No Freedom

The “Freedom Rally,” as it was called, was hosted by the College Republicans, attended by members of the Patriots of Prayer and held on the University of Washington’s campus. Chevy Swanson, the president of the College Republicans, said the goal of Saturday’s rally was “to create a space for campus conservatives to share their values and promote their free-speech rights.”

Supporters chanted “USA! USA!” and held signs that read: “We died for liberty not socialism.” It was a peaceful event until protestors of free speech – at least when that First Amendment right is being utilized by conservatives – showed up to cause their usual whining and complaining.

“I’m not a fan of the president, and these people are fans. So I want to come out here and say this is not OK. And what you’re doing is not OK,” a counter-protestor told Fox News.

And that, folks, is the left’s mentality in a nutshell. ‘I don’t like something, and because you do, I’m going to protest and cause problems.’

Hate Crimes?

“I learned that they thought my vote was a hate crime,” Kathryn Townsend, who said she voted for Donald Trump in 2016, told Seattle’s Q13 Fox.

The cost for security was around $17,000 which the university tried to make the College Republicans pay for before permitting their rally. However, a federal judge last week blocked the university’s attempt stating it would be considered a violation of free speech to impose such a strategy on the supporters. The left will try anything to silence the opposition.

So, voting is considered a hate crime and our First Amendment rights are only permitted to those whose opinions align with the lefts? Do the progressive liberals even understand what they are doing?

They claim to be progressive, to move America and society in a way that will provide a better life for everyone. What they are doing is trying to remove the very protections offered by the Constitution.

Free speech isn’t about who is right and who is wrong – it is about the right to speak freely and express an opinion. Saturday’s event was peaceful until the left showed up demanding the free speech rally be stopped. They did this by using their right to the First Amendment, trying to shut down others’ rights to the same and causing mischief and violence.


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