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False Flag Destroys Roy Moore – Why No Apology?

Reid Hoffman is not yet a household name, but as co-founder of the business platform LinkedIn, he is in the crosshairs of conservatives as an enemy of the people. Hoffman’s sin is funding the organization that faked a “Russian bot” infiltration that piled on the misery of Judge Roy Moore’s ill-fated campaign in Alabama for the U.S. Senate.

Reid Hoffman

Alt-left billionaire Hoffman gave American Engagement Technologies (AET) $750,000, with $100,000 earmarked for offshoot cybersecurity firm New Knowledge. It, in turn, fabricated 1,000 Russian-sounding Twitter accounts to follow Moore and discredit his campaign.

Oh, but not satisfied with the Twitter disinformation campaign, the company went further, creating fake Facebook pages urging Alabama conservatives to support a “write-in” candidate instead of Moore.

Drive-by media giant New York Times, in a thinly disguised mea culpa where Russian collusion is concerned, uncovered the scam and let fly with a series of articles on the abuses perpetrated against Moore. The Times called the egregious practice a “false flag” tactic to destroy a man’s reputation heading into the 2017 election.

Hoffman, claiming awareness only after the NYT expose, has issued an apology, not necessarily to Moore, but for his part in election influencing:

“I would not have knowingly funded a project planning to use such tactics and would have refused to invest in any organization that I knew might conduct such a project. Nevertheless, I do have an apology to make and have learned a lesson here.”

But just to whom is he apologizing?

Hate the Players and the Game

A little bit of sleuthing into AET and New Knowledge is shining a beacon on the unethical antics of desperate liberals to win any modicum of power after the crushing 2016 loss to Trump.  The first is run by former Barack Obama administration official Mikey Dickerson, a player in the high-stakes game who previously assisted the federal government in adopting new technologies, and the latter’s CEO, Jonathon Morgan, is one of the developers of the Hamilton 68 dashboard, a website claiming to track Russian bots.  After a closer look, New Knowledge appears to disseminate its own brand of anti-conservative propaganda. [perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”24″]…the beans were effectively spilled in salacious details…[/perfectpullquote]

In a New Knowledge internal report, magically obtained by NYT, the beans were effectively spilled in salacious details, including taking credit: “We orchestrated an elaborate ‘false flag’ operation that planted the idea that the Moore campaign was amplified on social media by a Russian botnet” and for “radicalizing Democrats with a Russian bot scandal.”

And the drive-by media use Hamilton 68 as their go-to source for legitimate information.  One case study would be the headline alt-left Mother Jones ran in 2017, to drive clicks and enhance the untrue narrative, “Russian Propagandists Are Pushing for Roy Moore to Win.”

By Any Means Necessary

What is becoming standard practice by the left – lie, cheat, steal – should horrify the electorate and prompt a rapid overhaul of technologies involved in politics and an investigation of those who fund such efforts.

Judge Roy Moore

Not only has the truth vomited the nature of the left once again but has invalidated an election win for Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL).  The multimillion-dollar race ended with a narrow victory over candidate Judge Roy Moore, who lost Republican support amid this controversy and other uncorroborated allegations that have dropped from the public limelight.

Jones, as one can empathize, seethes with righteous anger: “I’d like to see the Federal Election Commission and the Justice Department look at this to see if there were any laws being violated and, if there were, prosecute those responsible.”

That will never happen.  In the meantime, a man was attacked viciously, stripped of reputation and dignity, and no one has taken responsibility. Hoffman needs to apologize directly to Moore and the good conservative people of Alabama.  Otherwise, his self-righteous pontificating of innocence is just another “ask forgiveness later” when caught in an unscrupulous activity – at which the left is unrivaled in skill and usage.

Yeah, Hoffman’s half-assed deflection of guilt is quite possibly the worst apology ever.

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