fake hateWhether it’s merely an effort to gain attention or to perpetuate the false narrative that the United States is a horrifically bigoted nation, some have resorted to staging fake hate crimes.  Since the U.S. clearly isn’t hateful enough to further this narrative on its own, these intrepid souls have decided to pose as victims of attacks motivated by hate.

No doubt you have seen reports of these so-called crimes in places like your Facebook feed and The Huffington Post – certainly the arbiter of all things real.  If taken at face value, these incidents seem to prove that America is hopelessly overrun by white racists who want to torment those who look different.  Allow me a moment to explain:

In Ashburn, Virginia, a black waitress was left with at $.01 tip from one of her white customers.  Pretty harsh, right?  Apparently, this customer wrote a note on the receipt which read, “great service, don’t tip black people.”  When the news broke, the leftist media outlets pounced on the story like Black Bloc activists on a Trump supporter.   According to the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross:

Websites like the Huffington Post, Raw Story, the Daily Mail, the New York Daily News and others posted the story as an example of racism in America. The Loudon County NAACP became involved, and a Virginia man opened up an online fundraiser that brought in more than $3,600 for Carter.

Score another victory for social justice, right?  Not so fast.  As it turns out, the entire story was false.  Ross states:

Though Carter’s story went viral, there were some early indications that her claim did not quite add up. For one, the receipt she posted online was printed several hours after Anita’s New Mexico Cafe closed. The receipt also bore markings showing that it was a reprint of an original receipt.

It appears the waitress fabricated the whole incident.  The man who left the paltry tip later stated that he tipped her a penny because she provided poor service.  Of course, the waitress’ skillful wielding of her race card enabled her to make up for the money she lost — and then some.  It is not yet clear what will happen to the $3,600 she “earned.”

Here’s another beauty for Liberty Nation readers:

Last December, in Greenville, Mississippi, a black man was charged with setting fire to a black church.  He wrote “Vote Trump” on the outer walls.  He set the fire one week before President Trump was elected.  The fire consumed 80 % of the church.

Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney spoke with the Associated Press, stating: “We do not believe it was politically motivated. There may have been some efforts to make it appear politically motivated.”  A month after the church burning, Andrew McClinton was arrested for the crime.  McClinton had a prior criminal record.  The motive for the church burning is not entirely known, but the graffiti could indicate that the suspect wanted the crime to appear politically motivated.

Lastly, in Beloit, Wisconsin, a twenty-year-old college student reported that he had received anti-Muslim threats.  Apparently, some Islamophobic scoundrels had spray painted bigoted graffiti on his door as well as a wall outside his dorm room.   This persecuted (sic)  student told the authorities that he believed he was being targeted because of his religious beliefs.

However, this also turned out to be false.  Breitbart’s Warner Todd Huston writes: “Police initially treated the incident as a hate crime, but after an investigation, they determined that the student had perpetrated a fraud and painted the graffiti himself, according to WQRF.”

It seems the co-ed was influenced by the support a Jewish student received when a threatening note was left under his door.  Officials say the student saw how the college community united in response to the incident.  He wanted the same type of attention.

In some cases, these hoaxes might be interpreted as harmless pranks, but they are problematic because of the impact they could potentially have on public consciousness.  If this trend continues to grow, it will sow discord among Americans.

Racial tensions are already high.  Hoaxes such as these only serve to foment fear.  Fear can lead to hatred.  Hatred can eventually erupt into real violence.  False narratives can easily become a tragic reality.


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