In case you haven’t heard, Americans are finally becoming fed up with the Democratic Party. If you have been active on social media lately, you have likely noticed that #WalkAway is becoming increasingly popular. Indeed, Brandon Straka, a New York-based hairdresser-turned-activist has ignited this nationwide movement in which left-leaning Americans are abandoning the Democrats.

Over the past few years, the nation has seen a tremendous shift in the realm of political thought. Much of this change has taken place on the left. While Republicans have remained relatively steady in their political beliefs, the Democrats have lurched farther to the far left and have fully embraced identity politics, socialism, and a cultural totalitarianism that is known for its intolerance of differing views.

It is this shift in the Democratic Party that pushed Straka, as well as many others, to flee from the left. Liberty Nation reached out to Straka to learn more about his journey from the intersectional left to the conservative right.

What Prompted Straka To Leave The Democratic Party?

After he left the Democratic Party, Straka decided to encourage others like himself to follow suit. It was then that he decided to record a video announcing his own #WalkAway moment and invite other Democrats to leave the party.

Straka told Liberty Nation that he had been a Democrat until 2017. “I voted for Hillary and was devastated by Trump’s election,” he said. “I vowed at one point to never return to my home state of Nebraska. I never wanted to see the people of middle America again.”

The activist states that no one moment inspired him to leave the Democratic Party; Indeed, it was through research and discovering the deception of the left-leaning establishment media that caused him to question his belief about his former party:

“But after ranting on Facebook about how middle America had lost its soul, as evidenced in part by their willingness to vote for a man who mocked a reporter’s disability before a cheering crowd, a conservative friend from Nebraska sent me a video described as “debunking that Trump mocked a reporter’s disability.”

Everyone remembers the manufactured outrage of the left when they falsely claimed that then-candidate Trump made fun of a disabled reporter. However, Straka soon learned that there was more to the story:

“With arrogant skepticism, I watched it. And what I found riveted me to my core. It was scene after scene of Donald Trump, many times over many years, doing the exact same voice and same gesture while making fun of somebody who was lying, groveling, backtracking…I was stunned.”

The notion that Trump mocked a disabled reporter has been debunked numerous times. Several videos on YouTube show a montage in which he makes the same hand motions when making fun of his opponents. “Could the media really isolate a moment and spin its context so recklessly as to intentionally build a narrative than an innocent person is a monster?” Straka asked.

At this point, Straka began to do his own research into Trump and the media’s reporting on the 2016 campaign. It was then that he saw the deception perpetuated by the left:

“I began researching, virtually traveling back to the beginnings of the campaign and reviewing the media narrative. And there it was time and again. He didn’t call all Mexicans rapists. He didn’t advocate for the sexual abuse of women. I saw how the Democrat leaders happily went along with these lies. I saw how the Democrats peddled in the sale of fear toward racial minorities and the LGBT community. And for the first time in my life I truly began to listen to the conservative argument. That was the end. I was finished with the Democrats.”

As a gay man, Straka is no stranger to the left’s penchant for using identity politics to push a message of victimhood on minorities and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Needless to say, the left wouldn’t let him go that easily.

Brandon Straka

Straka’s Conversion Has Its Consequences

Not surprisingly, many on the left did not take Straka’s conversion well. He has been ostracized by many of his former friends and has even been the target of vicious accusations. “I have been cut off by the vast majority of my friends,” he said. “A few gems have stayed with me. The others disconnected and many times tried to take me down along the way. Openly calling me mentally ill on social media, that I was having a breakdown, that I was taking drugs, that I had joined a cult.”

It didn’t stop there. Some of his former friends confronted him directly. “I’ve had dear friends call me, screaming, telling me that I have become an abuser, hateful, an ‘alt-right Nazi.’”

Recently, Straka was denied service by an employee of Adorama, a popular camera store, when he went in to purchase some equipment. He told Judge Jeanine Pirro that the salesperson recognized him from his campaign and asked him if he was going to use the equipment for “alt-right purposes.” The employee stated that he would not sell him the equipment. However, the other employees in the store agreed to help him with his purchase.

Later, Straka tweeted: “PLZ do not retaliate against this camera shop. All of the other employees could not have been nicer. The reason I decided 2go forward w/ the story is because I hope 2open a conversation between me & gays on the left. I’m about EMPOWERING gay people.”

What’s Next For #WalkAway?

Many who leave the Democratic party don’t immediately become Republicans — they register as independents. This is not the case for Straka. He has run from the party of identity politics, victimhood, and socialism to the conservative side. “I am now a registered Republican and a VERY PROUD Trump supporter,” he exclaimed. But what’s next for the movement?

While the campaign has a strong following on both Facebook and Twitter, Straka has also built a website for the movement. He said, “The movement will continue to grow and continue to heal the divide of our nation, while burying the regressive left and putting liberal fascism away for good.”

Without giving away any spoilers,  Straka stated that he has “BIG plans coming up for this movement that will take the world’s breath away. Something big is coming.”

We are looking forward to it.


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